The hot spring inn "Hoshino Resort Aomoriya", where you can fully enjoy the culture of Aomori, will soon give birth to Japan's first festival-themed concept sauna (*1) "Aomori Nebuta Sauna" on April 3, 2024. Inside the sauna, a Nebuta, which seems likely to start moving at any moment, has been set up by the "Takenami Hiroo Nebuta Research Institute", presided over by Hiroo Takenami, the 7th generation Nebuta master. The heat of the Aomori Nebuta Festival can be felt with the auto-löyly that matches the excitement of the festival music, and the heart also "Jawamegu" (*2).

*1 Survey results of the "Concept Sauna" themed on festivals in December 2023
*2 In Aomori dialect, it means that the heart is excited, lively and fun.

The Background of Hoshino Resort Creating the "Aomori Nebuta Sauna"

Hoshino Resort Aomoriya has been implementing programs to convey Aomori's culture, such as festivals, dialects, and food, based on the concept of "Nore Sore (*3) Aomori ~A Story of People~". Among them, the "Aomori Nebuta Festival", which is indispensable for conveying Aomori's culture, is a representative fire festival in Japan, with the charm of powerful float operations and festival music performances. Expressing the heat of the festival with the heat and steam of the sauna, they planned the "Aomori Nebuta Sauna" so that you can fully enjoy the sauna, which is attracting attention as one of the methods for health promotion and mood change, in a way that is unique to Aomori.

*3 In Aomori dialect, it means "to the fullest".

Feature 1: Powerful Nebuta that seems likely to start moving at any moment

*Conceptual image

Upon opening the door to the sauna room, you are greeted by a Nebuta float set up right in front of you. The Nebuta was created by the "Takenami Hiroo Nebuta Research Institute", led by the 7th generation Nebuta master, Hiroo Takenami. The theme of the Nebuta, "Dragon God", is known as the god who controls water and rain, and is a common theme used in the Aomori Nebuta Festival. In addition, the enclosure of the sauna heater is designed in red and white, inspired by the handle held by the pullers of the festival floats, expressing the Nebuta approaching right in front of you. This is a unique space where you can gaze at the powerful structure of the Nebuta up close while in the sauna, feeling the heat as if you were at a festival, and experiencing the deep relaxation state known as "Totonotta".

<Production Cooperation: Takenami Hiroo Nebuta Research Institute>

Mr. Takenami, the founder, has been a Nebuta creator who has won numerous awards, including the Nebuta Grand Prize, since he created his first large-scale Nebuta in 1989. He was selected as the 7th Nebuta Master in 2023 for his contributions to the preservation and promotion of Nebuta culture. While focusing on the creation and research of Nebuta, he continues to explore new possibilities of Nebuta as a "sculpture of paper and light".

Official website of Hiroo Takenami Nebuta Research Institute (Japanese):

Feature 2: Expressing the heat of the festival with an automatic löyly synchronized with the approaching festival music

In the sauna, festival music flows along with the shouts of "Rassera, Rassera". The temperature in the sauna rises with an automatic löyly every 15 minutes, synchronized with the climax of the festival music, expressing the heat, passion and excitement of the festival. Through this sauna, you can feel the passion that the people of Aomori pour into the festival, and your heart will also "Jawamegu".

Overview of "Aomori Nebuta Sauna"

  • Start date: From April 3, 2024 - all year round
  • Hours: 6:00-11:30 / 15:00-23:00
  • Price: Free
  • Target: Guests only
  • Type of sauna: Dry sauna
  • Facilities: Sauna heater (HARVIA CLUB PRO "K25G"), automatic löyly, cold bath, relaxation area
  • Note: The content may change depending on the situation

The summer festival "Aomori Nebuta Festival" where the people of Aomori pour their passion

Every year from August 2nd to 7th, a summer festival is held in Aomori City, attracting many people from all over the country. During the festival, about 20 large Nebuta floats, each 9 meters wide, 7 meters deep, and 5 meters high, parade through the streets. The festival is enlivened by "Haneto" dancers, who wear flower hats, white yukatas, and red or pink tasuki sashes, and jump around. The whole town gets excited as the festival music and the shout of "Rassera" echo throughout, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the short summer of Aomori.

Facility Information of Hoshino Resort Aomoriya

With the concept of "Nore Sore (*Aomori dialect meaning 'to the fullest') Aomori ~A Story of People~", this is a hot spring inn where you can fully enjoy the culture of Aomori, such as festivals and dialects. Within the approximately 22,000 square meter site, there is also a park dotted with ponds and old houses, where you can enjoy meals and a variety of activities.

  • Address: 56 Komagiyama, Misawa City, Aomori Prefecture, 033-0044
  • Phone: 050-3134-8094 (Hoshino Resort Reservation Center)
  • Number of rooms: 236 rooms・Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 12:00
  • Accommodation fee: From 23,000 yen per night (per person when 2 people use 1 room, tax included, with dinner and breakfast)
  • Access: About 15 minutes on foot from Misawa Station on the Aoimori Railway, about 20 minutes by car from Misawa Airport
  • URL (Japanese):