【Tokyo】New Spot! miffy café tokyo opens in Daikanyama! Let's see all the highlights to keep an eye out for!

The permanent store of "miffy café tokyo" had its grand opening on November 11, 2023, in front of Daikanyama station in Tokyo. This theme café, based on Miffy's picture books, is designed with the concept of "experiencing Miffy's art with food". We will thoroughly introduce the interior design of the café where you can meet Miffy, the food menu you can enjoy in the store, and original goods.

The cafe 'miffy café tokyo', embodying the world of the picture book 'Miffy', has arrived in Daikanyama, Tokyo!

The little rabbit girl "Miffy" is the protagonist of picture books drawn by Dutch picture book author and graphic designer Dick Bruna. This time, "miffy café tokyo" has opened in Daikanyama, where you can feel the affinity with the beautiful natural environment of Utrecht where Dick Bruna was born and raised. The café is located just to the left of the central exit of Daikanyama Station, just one stop from Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line. Such excellent access!

The interior of the shop is a colorful and classical design that reproduces Miffy's picture books. It's also fun to take selfies with the shop in the background. There are table seats, but the shop is small, so if you want to enjoy your meal slowly inside the shop, it would be better to make a reservation in advance on a multilingual site.

Introducing the photogenic original menu of miffy café tokyo! The Miffy designs are so cute

The menu offered by miffy café tokyo includes Dutch cuisine that reflects Miffy's roots, as well as bread shaped like Miffy. You can fully enjoy the world of Miffy! Below, we will introduce the menu.

Morning menu at miffy café tokyo: Scrambled Egg Plate

Scrambled Egg Plate (1,790 yen including tax)

A Western-style breakfast plate with salad, fluffy scrambled eggs, meatballs with tomato cream sauce, bacon, and mushrooms. The bread with Miffy's face branded on it is adorable. This menu is only available in the morning (8:30-10:30), so come early! Start your day with the best breakfast.

Grand menu of miffy café tokyo: Meatball Tomato Stew Plate

Meatball Tomato Stew Plate (1,990 yen including tax)

The popular dishes include Dutch home cooking that lets you feel the world of Miffy, such as Erten soup simmered with green peas as the main ingredient, and meatballs mixed with beef and pork simmered in tomato cream. It also seems delicious to dip the white bread with Miffy's face branded into the soup or tomato sauce.

Also, the impressive colors of the picture books are expressed in the dishes' plates. You can choose your favorite color from 4 colors (Red x Blue/ Yellow x Blue/ Green x Yellow/ White x Blue) when ordering.

(The photo in this article uses Green x Yellow and Red x Blue plates)

Kids plate at miffy café tokyo

Kids plate (1,190 yen including tax)

A kids' plate with a little bit of meatballs, scrambled eggs, and macaroni cheese. Each dish is in a size that is easy to eat, and there are many types of food, so your child should be happy (served to children up to elementary school age).

Sandwiches at miffy café tokyo

There are three types of colorful and cute sandwiches, each with different ingredients.

The yellow 'Scrambled Egg and Pumpkin Sandwich' (1,290 yen including tax), the pink 'Prosciutto and Berry Sandwich' (1,390 yen including tax), and the green 'Chicken and Cucumber Sandwich' (1,290 yen including tax), all of which are sure to look great in photos!

Desserts at miffy café tokyo

There are two types of desserts. The 'Carrot Cake' (1,390 yen including tax, left photo) comes with a Miffy-shaped white chocolate, cheese cream whip, and black cherries. The 'Seasonal Tart' (1,490 yen including tax, right photo) is a lemon-flavored cheese tart shaped like Miffy's face, served with fruits. The fruits change with the seasons. For example, figs in the summer, grapes in the fall, and citrus in the winter, so you can enjoy seasonal fruits. It's a dessert that can be enjoyed casually after a meal.

Drink Menu at miffy café tokyo

The cafe has a wide variety of original drinks. In particular, we recommend four types of original drinks (990 yen including tax) inspired by characters.

In addition, there is a full range of coffee (690 yen including tax) and tea menus, including Earl Grey tea (690 yen including tax) and cafe latte (790 yen including tax). The drink menu is served in cute mugs for hot drinks and glasses for iced drinks.

Also, you can order drink with a glass (4 types) or a mug (2 types), and the cafe gives a new glass or mug from the store along with the ordered drink to those who purchase.

Introducing Original Drinks

  • A carrot and yogurt flavored smoothie inspired by Miffy, "Miffy's Carrot Yogurt Smoothie"
  • A refreshing sweet and sour lemonade inspired by Miffy's mother, "Mother's Lemonade"
  • A slightly mature fizzy lemon squash inspired by Miffy's father, "Father's Lemon Squash"
  • A soda with pear puree and pear sherbet, inspired by the "Delicious Pear" that appears in the picture book, "Delicious Pear".

Baked Sweets at miffy café tokyo

For light meals, there are plenty of baked sweets available to order as a set with drinks you can enjoy in the store. There are two types of 'Face Financier' in plain and caramel flavors, modeled after Miffy (390 yen each including tax), and 'Cookies' that you can choose from two types: cinnamon ginger and coconut (390 yen each including tax). The caramel-flavored 'Face Financier' is solid and delicious, so it's recommended. They are also sold for takeout and in gift packs, making them perfect for souvenirs!

※For in-store use, individual orders of baked goods are not possible. Multiple orders of baked goods are possible for each drink.

Take the world of Miffy home with you! miffy café tokyo's takeout menu

Next to the entrance of the shop, there is a dedicated counter for take-out products. In addition to the baked menu and coffee & tea products, you can also order three types of bottled drinks: apple & carrot, unshu mikan, and la France pear (each 590 yen including tax).

The take-out menu packages and bottled drinks are printed with Miffy, so you can enjoy the world of Miffy even after you return to your hotel.

Get the original goods of miffy café tokyo!

Inside the store, original goods that can only be purchased at miffy café tokyo are also sold. There are clear file sets, hand towels, flat pouches, cloth coasters, sticker sets, etc., so don't miss out if you're a fan of Miffy!

Furthermore, if you order at the store using a pre-reservation (660 yen including tax), you can receive a "button badge" as a limited benefit gift, so if you're interested, make sure to reserve in advance!

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