【Rannyu Sensei's Column】The Birthplace of Motsunabe!! A Story About a Certain Town in Fukuoka That Nobody Has Ever Talked About

【Rannyu Sensei's Column】The birthplace of Motsunabe!! A story about a certain town in Fukuoka that no one has ever talked about

Meet Rannyu Sensei; a man raised in Fukuoka from 0 to 20 years old.

I think that the words and dialects may differ depending on the region, but Tokyo is said to be the standard language and is the so-called language spoken on television.

Other than Tokyo, the Kansai dialect is used in Osaka and Kobe, and the Fukuoka dialect is used in Fukuoka.

Actually, even in Fukuoka prefecture, we don't have just only the Fukuoka dialect, as it is further divided into sub-region dialects, and the meaning and intonation change depending on whether it is the Kitakyushu dialect or the Hakata dialect.

※A photo of myself, Rannyu Sensei, when I was in high school

The words for major meaning remain the same, but occasionally there are some words that are incomprehensible between the two dialects.
Therefore, when you go to each area, if you talk to the people in that area, you may be able to have a special experience by learning words that are not in the travel guide!

It might be ok to feature those dialects as they are in my column, but let that be a story for another time. This time I am introducing my hometown!

A Place Where no Foreigner Has Ever Visited for Sightseeing

A place where no foreigner has ever visited for sightseeing

I have never seen an overseas traveler in the place where I grew up.
It's a so-called commuter town, so it's a place populated by local people.

Fukuoka is said to be convenient because it is close to the airport, Shinkansen stations, sightseeing spots, and accommodations, but about 40 minutes south of the center, there is a town where I grew up.

What's there? you may ask. and the answer is... there is literally nothing!!!
But you might be able to feel the Japanese culture there.
There is a vending machine for vegetables and eggs. It is a system where you can put money in a basket, open an unlocked box, and take the items. Of course it is unmanned.

Even so, no one steals anything. Everyone puts in money and takes items one has paid for.

Birthplace of Motsunabe

Birthplace of Motsunabe

Another thing I'm proud of is that, not sure if you all know it already, but this town is said to be the birthplace of Motsunabe.

There are various theories, but there is a store called "Manjuya" which used to be a small store, but now it is quite large.

Some of my classmates also worked there for part-time jobs.

It makes your throat feels dry a little, but it's really, really delicious.

It is a taste one can only experience here, and it is a bit different from the Motsunabe that you can eat in the center of Tokyo or Fukuoka.

I really want everyone to try it!!!

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I have more to tell you, but let's call it a day here.
If you want to know something, I would like to write an article about it too.

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