The meaning of Fukubukuro

The New Year season is the best season for shopping in Japan. Many stores have big discount sales on the New Year season. It usually started from the day after New Year’s Day. At the sale on New Year, you can buy “fukubukuro”. Fukubukuro means lucky bag or goody bags, filled with random contents and sold at various prices with a substantial discount.

Contents of Fukubukuro

Contents on fukubukuro are usually hidden and you can’t open until you buy it. So you can’t pick whatever products you want. In a way fukubukuro is like “omikuji” or lottery. People in Japan try their luck of the year by purchasing fukubukuro. Prices are usually at a half-price or better deal.

The contents are usually left over from last year, but recently some stores prepare products only for fukubukuro. Contents are secret, but you can see them on the internet because many people will post on SNS or blogs. If you are considering buying fukubukuro, I recommend you to check the contents of the shop’s fukubukuro from last year on the internet. It won’t be the same but you can know what to expect from their fukubukuro.

Unique Fukubukuro

There are many kinds of fukubukuro, like clothes, food, appliances, a variety of goods, and so on. Also, there are many kinds of unique fukubukuro, too. 

The Price

Some fukubukuro are very expensive. For example, in 2016, Seibu department store in Shibuya sold fukubukuro at the price of 200,000,000 yen. The inside was pieces of jewelries and the total value was 324,000,000 yen.

Of course, most fukubukuro are sold at an affordable price. A unique fukubukuro which I recommend for girls is that of Mister Donut. Mister Donut is a Japanese popular donut shop. They usually sell fukubukuro at a very good deal. The contents of fukubukuro are announced ahead. Their fukubukuro usually contain donuts coupons and character goods, like Snoopy and Rilakkuma. There are different prices for the fukubukuro, for example, fukubukuro of 2,200yen contains free tickets for 20 donuts. Since a donuts cost at least 108 yen, you already got your money's worth. Other goods are blanket, glasses, calendar, and pouch bags. This is just an example and contents change every year, but they have a good deal fukubukuro every year.

Fukubukuro of Village Vanguard is also unique. Village Vanguard sells an interesting variety of goods and books. They sell “Fukoubukuro” and it means unlucky bag. Their fukoubukuro are contained useless funny goods. It’s not worth paying but is funny and many people post photos of their fukoubukuro on SNS websites.

Fukubukuro of Coffee Shop

Personally, I like fukubukuro of coffee shops, like Starbucks and Tully's Coffee. Their fukubukuro bags are very pretty. Contents are not only coffee but also cups and other goods. Recently, Starbucks implemented a lottery system for their fukubukuro, so only those who got chosen can purchase. If you are interested, please check their website for announcements. Don't queue in front of the store to no avail!

Even if you don’t have a chance to be in Japan during the New Years season, you can have fun checking fukubukuro on the internet. And if you are lucky to be in Japan during the season, try getting a fukubukuro. It would be an exciting experience.