WMG2021 KANSAI Special Activity Plans ~ Enjoying Sightseeing ~

The WORLD MASTERS GAMES (WMG) 2021 KANSAI is a giant sports festival where if you're a lover of sports over the age of 30 you can participate in various sporting events regardless of past experience. From the 14th to the 30th of May 2021 this event will be held in Japan’s Kansai region for the first time in all of Asia. There are a total of 35 events with 59 different variations including sports such as field and track, badminton, basketball,swimming and many more which will be held throughout areas around the 9 different prefectures of Fukui,Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Tottori and Tokushima over a 17 day period.You can participate in 5 of the 59 total events by paying the basic fee.

Another of the festival's amazing features is the ability to not only participate in the events themselves, but also fully enjoy and experience various sightseeing and cultural exchange activities. We have introduced 5 different themes in this series being “Enjoying Tradition & Culture”, “Enjoying nutritious foods”, “Enjoying outdoor experiences”, “Enjoying Nature” and “Enjoying various sightseeing.”

This time around we are going to be introducing the “Enjoying Sightseeing” category. If you’re going to be visiting these areas, it’s only right that you should visit the amazing areas that they have to offer!

※Depending on the sport/event, there may be additional fees. Furthermore, if you only wish to spectate the event, there is no fee or registration required for entry.

Shiga Prefecture's "Enjoying Sightseeing" Plan

In the Shiga Prefecture, which is situated in almost the direct center of Japan, is host to the canoeing (Dragon-board), Boating, running (10km road race), hockey, softball, and baseball (Japanese version of baseball played with a hard rubber ball) events. In Shiga prefecture, there is Japan’s largest Lake “Lake Biwa”, surrounded by luscious green landscapes. Definitely a location where you can become encompassed by nature.

In just one of the activities within this plan, try an SUP (stand-up paddle surfing) experience at Lake Biwa. Through trying out SUP you can cruise along lake Biwa, how about experiencing the scale of this lake and the abundance of nature with this activity?

Other than this, there are things such as cycling tours, “Shower climbing” where you can climb up a waterfall, walking tours and much more. The plan prices start from 4,000 JPY ranging to 30,000 JPY and the required time ranges from 30 minutes to 8 hours, when planning your trip, you are able to plan these events around your personalized schedule. For the latest information check the links below.

  • Shiga Prefecture “Enjoying Sightseeing” Plan Page →click here

Furthermore, Shiga Prefecture has been an important point for transport throughout history and flourishes in both culture and economics. There is Enryakuji which is recognized as a world heritage site, which was built up throughout history and has a calm atmosphere and appearance, holding profound culture and history, the prefecture has many historic cultural sites dotted around it. In some of the special plans, there are even experiences you can have such as zazen (seated Zen meditation) and sutra copying at the Enryakuji.

Furthermore, try out this set-plan where you can explore Hikone Castle which is a national treasure, try one of Japan’s top 3 best meats “Ōmi beef”, and cruise along Lake Biwa.

How about heading over to Shiga Prefecture and experience everything it has to offer?

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This time we introduced a plan where you could enjoy various sightseeing throughout Shiga Prefecture. There are many other plans for other areas where you can enjoy lots of cool sightseeing areas. You can choose your activities and events for your specific schedule. Please make sure to confirm your schedule before joining these plans and you could even try making your own!

  • Check out the Sightseeing Special Activity Plan Here→click here

How did you find this article? Up until now we have introduced 5 categories for plans which you can participate in whilst enjoying the WMG2021 KANSAI in their specific areas. Please try checking out these plans if you have interest in them whilst participating in your events!