WMG2021 KANSAI Special Activity Plan ~ Enjoying Outdoor Experiences ~

The WORLD MASTERS GAMES (WMG) 2021 KANSAI is a giant sports festival where if you're a lover of sports over the age of 30 you can participate in various sporting events regardless of past experience. From the 14th to the 30th of May 2021 this event will be held in Japan’s Kansai region for the first time in all of Asia. There are a total of 35 events with 59 different variations including sports such as field and track, badminton, basketball,swimming and many more which will be held throughout areas around the 9 different prefectures of Fukui,Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Tottori and Tokushima over a 17 day period.You can participate in 5 of the 59 total events by paying the basic fee.

Another of the festivals amazing features is the ability to not only participate in the events themselves, but also fully enjoy and experience various sightseeing and cultural exchange activities. We have introduced 5 different themes in this series being “Enjoying culture & tradition”, “Enjoying nutritious foods”, “Enjoying outdoor experiences”, “Enjoying Nature” and “Enjoying various sightseeing.”

Previously, we introduced both “Enjoying Tradition & Culture” and “Enjoying Nutritious Foods.” This time, in our 3rd installment in the series, we are introducing the theme of “Enjoying Outdoor Activities.” We are going to be introducing various outdoor activities which are surrounded by nature!

Depending on the sport/event, there may be additional fees. Furthermore, if you only wish to spectate the event, there is no fee or registration required for entry.

Wakayama prefecture’s “Enjoying Outdoor Activities” plan

Wakayama Prefecture is host to dance sports, sailing (sailing & windsurfing), volleyball (indoor), rifle shooting, as well as the long distance & half marathon running events, it is abundant in both seas and mountains receiving 3 Michelin stars from the Michelin Green guide Japan holding 2 world heritage sites “Mount Kōya & Kumano Kodo.” In Wakayama City, where the dance sports, sailing, and volleyball events will be taking place, you can explore luscious green roads along the sea on buggies*. Furthermore, in Kamitonda where the half marathon will be taking place, you can explore nature-rich locations whilst checking out 3 economical electricity power plants. Also, during this course, there is a bridge which enters the current of the water if it gets too high that you are able to see and walk across!

These plans have a fee that ranges from 7,000 JPY up to 13,200 JPY, the required time ranges from 1 hour 45 minutes to 6 hours meaning you can plan around your personal schedule. For the latest information please check the site below.

  • *Riding the buggies requires a driving license. For more details please check the official website. click here
  • Wakayama Prefecture’s “Enjoying Outdoor Activities” Plan Page→click here

There are many more places to see in Wakayama Prefecture other than the world heritage sites!  At one of Kansai’s representative sightseeing spots “Shirahama”, there are things such as “Adventure world” which is famous for its pandas, "Engetsu Island"​, and "Sandanbeki Cliff." If you head to the southernmost tip of Japan’s Honshū island to the town of “Kushimoto”, you can see a large ria-style coast. 

How about visiting Wakayama prefecture which has many nature-filled sightseeing spots whilst participating in your WMG2021 KANSAI events?

  • Wakayama Prefecture’s Attractions & Events Page→click here
  • Wakayama Prefecture’s Other Activity Plans Page→click here

Tokushima Prefecture’s “Enjoying Outdoor Activities” Plan

In Tokushima Prefecture, the bowling, golf, weight lifting, canoe (slalom), and triathlon (triathlon & aquathlon) are being held. The prefecture is filled with nature including the "Naruto whirlpools" which are one of the 3 largest currents in the world as well as western Japan's second highest mountain "Mount Tsurugi." To the south of the prefecture you can find the beautiful sea and much more.

 In this special activity plan, we are going to be introducing you to a cruise on one of Japan's largest rivers, the Yoshino River. Enjoy the wind on your face as you appreciate the townscape of Suito and Tokushima, as well as the dyeing experience which has taken the emblem colors of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Not forgetting the traditional Japanese theatrical puppet show! The plan also includes lunch boxes filled with local Tokushima ingredients meaning you can experience the entirety of Tokushima Prefecture in one package. The price of this course starts at 5,000 JPY with a required time of 4 hours which you can work around your personal schedule. For the latest information, check the site below.

  • Tokushima Prefecture's「Enjoying Outdoor Activities」Plan Page→click here

One thing not to miss during August in Tokushima Prefecture is summer's Awa Odori Festival. One thing you can do during the WMG2021 KANSAI period is visit the Awa Odori Kaikan​. Maybe you could try becoming one of the dancers also? 

There are foods that can only be tasted here such as "Tokushima Ramen" which uses a tonkotsu soy sauce base for the soup alongside a sweet and spicy pork belly meat and raw eggs over the top. Use WMG2021 KANSAI as an opportunity and take the time to visit Tokushima prefecture and experience the amazing sea, the traditional dancing, and everything else it has to offer.

  • Tokushima Prefecture's Attractions & Events Page→click here
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This time around we introduced a plan where you can experience and enjoy both Wakayama and Tokushima Prefecture. We also have some other articles outlining outdoor activities you can enjoy in different areas. You can choose which plan best suits you based on your personal plans and events. Please check out all of the plans and your own personal schedule before attempting to make a plan.

  • Enjoying Outdoor Activities Special Plan can be found here→click here

We are going to be introducing "Enjoying Nature" as our next theme! We hope you'll look forward to it!