Toi Gold Mine in Japan - An Amusement Park in Izu Originated from a Historical Gold Mine

Toi Gold Mine is a tourist hotspot in west Izu, Shizuoka at where you can see the “huge gold bar” designated in the Guinness book and join the precious gold panning workshop. It is definitely a nice spot for visitors at all ages.

Basic Information about the Mine

Toi is famous for being the second most productive gold mine in Japan in the past. It is said that the mine produced in total 40 tons of gold and 400 tons of silver during its period of exploitation. The mine was closed in 1965 then reopened for tourism. It is a designated historical remains in Izu city. 

What to Do at Toi Gold Mine

Toi Gold Mine is a place to see, to experience, to enjoy great tastes, and to shop. Let’s have a look on the various attractions of it.

“Gold Museum” with a Guinness Approved Gold Bar

A large number of gold coins, minerals, and a large gold bar are exhibited in the Gold Museum. The above-captioned huge gold bar is simply a must-see. Its net weight is 250 kg, which is approved in the Guinness book as the largest in world. In the museum, you can go close and touch the gold, not to mention be amazed by its glittering, shiny look. Interestingly, you can also hold another 12.5 kg gold bar in your hands as a reference to feel how enormous the huge one is. Remember to try!   

“Tunnel Tour”, Travelling Back to the Ancient Time

350m along the 100km long gold-mining tunnel was refurbished and opened for visits. There, you can see some 1:1 figures resembling how miners dig the treasure in the past. Also, do not miss the “Mountain Shrine- the Golden Torii Gate”, and “Golden Water Source- Hot Spring Gold Panning”, they are spiritual spots to bring you fortune of “gold” (money). It takes around 30 minutes to walk through the visiting paths.

Be a “Certificated Expert” in the Gold Panning Workshop

At the “Panning Spot”, visitors can try extracting gold from a placer deposit using a pan called “panning dish”, which is deep in the center for gold to sink to its bottom. In the 30-minute workshop, collect 30 or more pieces of gold and get certified as a "Gold panning master"! You can take the gold dust home, and make a keyholder right there.

Restaurant & Souvenir Shop at Toi Gold Mine

Let’s get to “Restaurant Aoi” and “Souvenir shop” in the mine. At the restaurant, you can savour udon, soba, seafood rice bowl, and the limited menu “Izu deer”, the local specialty in Izu.

Moreover, please come to know the number one souvenir- “gold leaves castella”. Also, tantalise gold selections like gold leave manju bun, Shizuoka premium sencha tea, and original choices like the toner and golf balls for your joyful shopping!  

The Admission Fees & Business Hours of the Mine

Toi Gold Mine opens from 9am to 5pm, the last admission is at 4:30 pm. However, be mindful to the time difference: the registration for the gold panning workshop closes at 4:20 pm, and last admission for the Gold Museum and Tunnel tour are at 3:50 pm. Also, the mine is closed for 3-4 days regularly on the second week in December.

The admission fee varies, depends on the sections you aim to visit. The tunnel tour and gold museum cost 1,000 yen for adult, and the gold panning workshop costs 750 yen per head (adult) (As of October 2019). 

Access to Toi Gold Mine

To get to Toi Gold Mine, first head to “Shuzenji station” of Izu Hakone Railway. Take Tokai bus (for Dogashima & Matsuzaki) at the station and head to “Toi Gold Mine” bus stop, which takes around 50 mins. The mine is right at the bus stop.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Toi Gold Mine
  • Street address: Toi, Izu-shi, Shizuoka (410-3302)
  • Access: Shuzenji Station 🡪 [Tokai bus] approx. 50 mins 🡪 Get off at Toi Gold Mine Bus Stop for direct access
  • Wi-Fi: available
  • Language: English, Chinese (both traditional & simplified), Korean
  • Ticket Purchase: at acceptance
  • Credit cards: MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club International, Union pay


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