Just turn on the button to cook a rolled egg? ! *Dashi-maki-tamago (だし巻き卵) is rolled egg with dashi. I will call it Dashi-rolled egg here.

Many people might think that only instant cup noodle can be cooked in 3 minutes?

Nowadays, with only 100 yen item and 3 minutes, you can make a dashi rolled egg with “No Mistake” and “delicious”!

“Don’t lie to me!” Of course many of them will think that more time is needed to make a scrambled egg.

Please, it is not a lie. – Let’s us share with you on how to make a “dashi-rolled egg with microwave oven” fast.

100 yen shop’s best secret cooking utensils to be cooked by using microwave oven, "Dashi-rolled egg".

First, please put one egg and about 15cc water in a transparent box.

Stir it well and heat up the mixture in microwave oven in 500W for 40 seconds.

After that, add seasoning such as salt and pepper, and place in microwave in 500 W for about 40 seconds.

Close the cover of the box and wait for 1 minute.

It is so easy! "Dashi-rolled egg" is completed!