[update 2019/01/25]


Congratulation to this winner! Keep yourself warm for this trip!

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Not only Tohoku has the Snow Light Festival and rime ice in the winter, it also has nice hot springs, gourmet and plenty to experience! You might love the winter illumination, the spectacular winter view from outdoor hot spring, and the seasonal local food from Tohoku this winter! So, we decided to choose Tohoku as our next destination! You might miss out previous campaigns, but you shouldn’t miss this one!

Let’s read some Q&A about the campaign!

[1] How to join this campaign?

  • Step 1: Register FUN! JAPAN JMB Card (How? Check down below :)
  • Step 2: Collect FUN! JAPAN Points (How? Check down below :)
  • Step 3: Apply in this campaign with 3,000 FUN! JAPAN Points (How easy!)

[2] What will you get?

  • Air flight tickets & accommodation for 6 days 5 nights trip in Japan.
  • Express bus or Shinkansen tickets for local transportation.

* You need to pay for your own insurance, meal, souvenir, and tickets for museums.

[3] Where are the main destinations?

  • The Tohoku Region consists of six prefectures : Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata.
  • You need to follow the itinerary fixed by FUN! JAPAN
  • One FUN! JAPAN staff will accompany the winners during the trip

[4] When is the flight?

  • Departure from Malaysia to Japan: 18 Feb 2019
  • Return to Malaysia from Japan: 23 Feb 2019

[5] When is the campaign period?

  • 25 Oct 2018 ~ 7 Jan 2019

[6] Who can join this campaign?

  • People who lives in Malaysia either as Malaysian or permanent resident.
  • People who registered for FUN! JAPAN Malaysia website member & FUN! JAPAN JMB Card member.
  • People whose age are 20 years or older


[Useful links]

  • What is FUN! JAPAN Points? How to collect them? Check here!
  • The easiest way to collect FUN! JAPAN Points is to take part in Rewards which gives you 1000 points per a reward. Start here!

How to register to FUN! JAPAN JMB Card

For FUN! JAPAN Members

・If you ARE NOT currently logged into FUN! JAPAN website

Please log in to FUN! JAPAN website first and then, click here to apply for JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Card

・If you ARE currently logged into FUN! JAPAN website

Click here to apply for JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Card

For Non-Fun! Japan Members

Please register to FUN! JAPAN Member first from here and you can apply for JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) card in continuation.

Click here to learn more about JAL Mileage Bank

If any question, please click here


[How to increase your winning chance]

  1. To increase your winning chance, click “Click here to apply once more”, answer the survey and submit
  2. You will need 3,000 FUN! JAPAN point to apply in this campaign.
  3. The more entry you apply for this campaign, and the more reasonable comment you write, we will get you more chances to win this campaign.



  • "FUN! JAPAN Visit Japan" campaign is open to public.
  • Should be FUN! JAPAN member and FUN! JAPAN JMB Card member
  • Should be Japan lovers with Malaysian nationality who live in Malaysia.
  • The age must be 20 years or older.
  • Participants have to fill all conditions to apply.
  • Past winners of "FUN! JAPAN" Visit Japan campaign can not apply for this campaign.

To Take Part in This Campaign

  • To apply in this campaign, you will need 3,000 FUN! JAPAN Points. You can learn how to collect the points here.
  • You can apply at the campaign as many as you can.


  • Winner of this campaign is 1 person
  • Will be travel in Japan with other winners from other countries and an interpreter (English and Japanese Only).
  • You can not bring anyone with you for this trip.
  • FUN! JAPAN will cover the expenses for accommodations, shinkansen/express bus tickets and airlines tickets (The free flight would be between Malaysia to&from Tokyo, and Tokyo to&from domestic destinations.)
  • FUN! JAPAN will NOT cover expenses for insurance, meals, local transportation fee, and shopping during this trip.
  • The insurances will be private expenses.
  • Winner will need to be in Japan from 18 to 23 Feb 2019
  • You will be required to follow the prearranged schedule during the trip.
  • Shall have at least one account of these social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and willing to share great things about Japan through that account.
  • When we have many participants, winners shall be selected with consideration to their number of applications, number of FUN! JAPAN Rewards answered, favorites, shares, comments and their comments content inside this article and FUN! JAPAN website.
  • Parties related to this campaign are ineligible to be chosen as winners.
  • Should submit the copy of your passport to FUN! JAPAN to book the flights and accommodation.
  • Should agree that FUN! JAPAN can use photos, videos, comments taken during the trip for promotion (portrait rights and copyright belong to FUN! JAPAN)
  • We will ask you :
        〇 to write reports/articles on the trip Day 1 - Day 5 including the departure from your country. Your articles will be published on FUN! JAPAN website and  Facebook. Please check the past article from here!
        〇 to answer the questionnaire.

When Contacting The Winner

  • After FUN! JAPAN contacts the winner via email, and the winner does not reply within the deadline written in the email, the prize shall be deemed invalid
  • FUN! JAPAN team shall ask the validated winners to share the valid full name, email address, home address and phone number that match the database owned by "FUN! JAPAN".
  • You may receive some contacts from the travel agency as deputy for us.
  • Winners cannot change trip schedule, used transportation, add or reduce stay time in Japan, participate or leave in the middle of the trip. Excluding free time, winners shall follow schedule along with other winners.
  • If there is weather trouble, natural disaster, war, riot, flight schedule change and other things that change drastically or cancel the trip, FUN! JAPAN shall not give any compensation.
  • FUN! JAPAN is not responsible for accident, food poising, theft and any other incidents that may occur during the trip.

This campaign is now finished.