According to researching result of the tourist bureau of Taiwan, most Taiwanese choose to go to Japan for an oversea travel (36.2%). The convenience transport, the high-quality service and products…etc. With the more and more cheap air plane tickets, it is no longer an expensive cost for traveling to Japan, just take a leave for one or two days and plus the weekend, you can easily have a 4 days trip to Japan. In ordering for you to save some money in food and buy yourself more souvenirs, here are the cheap and delicious restaurants report for you. Enjoy your Japan trip!

Each meal costs less a thousand Japanese Yen

Each meal costs less a thousand Japanese Yen

No matter how you want to save money while traveling, you still need to EAT! The price of the meals in Japan have quiet difference. If you accidently walk into a high-level restaurant, you will definitely enjoy the meal, however after that, you may be starving for few days, So store this article, you will need it when you come to Japan.

Donburi: Yoshinoya, Matsuya, Tenya, Katsuya

Donburi: Yoshinoya, Matsuya, Tenya, Katsuya

Taiwanese people are familiar with Yoshinoya and Matsuya because you can also find these restaurants in Taiwan. They have Donburi and combo meals, you can choose the size of your rice, satisfaction for all, the price for the biggest size is no over 700 Japanese Yen, you can find them all over Japan, even opened for 24 hours. The main menu of Tenya restaurant is Tempura donburi, the crispy tempura with the sauce is perfect match! Not just delicious, but also make you belly full! If you are a fan of fried food, then Katsuya will be your choice, shrimp fried, pork fried…etc.


Udon, Soba noddle: Marugame-Seime, Tsuru-Maru, Fujisoba

Udon, Soba noddle: Marugame-Seime, Tsuru-Maru, Fujisoba

If you are a fan of noodles, then udon and soba will be the must try of your trip to Japan. How you order in Marugame-seime and Tsuru-Maru? You take a tray, and pick the side menu you want, then tell the staff your main dish, pay the bill, so you can find a place to enjoy your meal. For Fujisoba, you should use the machine to buy the meal ticket first, and give it to you staff, then find a seat to sit, when the meal is ready, get it yourself. The prices are all around 500~600 Japanese Yen.

Udon, Soba noddle: Marugame-Seime, Tsuru-Maru, Fujisoba

Yakitori (Japanese type of skewered chicken): Torikizoku, Hanbey Izakaya

Yakitori (Japanese type of skewered chicken) : Torikizoku, Hanbey Izakaya

If you want to try some Japanese Yakitori, the price of Torikizoku is each one for 298 Yen, and the price of Hanbey Izakaya is even under 100 yen for each, you don’t need to worry that you order too much. The decoration of Hanbey Izakaya is old Japanese style, the food is tasty and the view is pretty! 

Yakiniku (BBQ): Standing Yakiniku JIROUMARU


When you come to Japan, Sushi and Yakiniku are always the top choice for tourists, however Yakiniku restaurant sometime could be very costly. On the wall of Standing Yakiniku JIROUMARU you can see the price of each meat, you can just try the different meat as you like, and don’t worry to be shocked by the bill at the end.

Family restaurant: Saizeriya, Jonathan's


There are lots of choices within these two restaurants, pasta, burger meat combo set, steak...etc. The price is cheaper then the other western style restaurants, plus they have the drink bar, so you want to sit for a long time, you would love here. You can even find 500 Yen lunch set.

Sushi: Kura Sushi


You can also find Kura Sushi in Taiwan now, each plate for 100 yen, which is very good deal for sushi lovers. Kura sushi also provide the take out service, you can buy the sushi back to you hotel, and with the drink or beer that purchase in the supermarket, what lovely and cost effectively meal.

Japanese Curry: Coco Curry, Go Co Curry

kare jepang

These two Japanese Curry chain restaurants are famous in Japan, you can find these restaurants in lots of area. The yummy curry with amazing Japanese rice, plus the side dish you like, it won’t cost over a thousand yen!!

After presenting so many cheap and delicious restaurants, don’t forget to search if there is supermarket near your hotel, before the closing time, they have the discount for the food court. Finally, the breakfast of McDonald’s would be also a good start for a day!

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