Japanese car makers not only make cars or motorbikes, in fact, they are also making various products such as housing, agricultural machinery and airplane. Among Japanese manufacturers, Yamaha, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki are the 5 companies which engaged in marine business such as vessels and marine engines. In March, the Japan Boat Show, one of Asia's leading leisure boat fairs, was held in Yokohama. Many of the latest products and concept models made by Japanese car makers were exhibited at the venue.

Toyota and Yamaha challenge to make luxury boats

What attracted attention at the venue was the Toyota display “Lexus Sports Yacht Concept”. The biggest feature is a beautiful streamlined hull designed to lower the resistance of both water and air as much as possible. The structure length is 12.7m. It is called “Class 40ft” small model in the world of luxury boat. In the near future, Toyota plans to release a full-scale 20m in length high class luxury boat that had not been handled by Japanese manufacturers, which the design is expect to apply the sports yacht concept.

The top runner of Japanese luxury boat manufacturer is Yamaha which is famous for motorcycles. The Yamaha exhibited an 11m-long model, which is relatively close to the coast for enjoying the sea. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, shower and toilet were efficiently laid out in a compact body, and voyage accompanied with lodging was an enough promising specification.

Water bike and traditional Japanese wooden boat was also displayed

What attracted attention in the Honda booth was not a state-of-the-art luxury boat, but a wooden ship called "wasen(和船)" which is made from the traditional Japanese method passed down from the Edo period. It is Sano shipyard which created the hull, one of the few companies in the world that specializes in wooden boats. There is no drawing plan to make this ship whatsoever, they make use of the acquired wood size, strength and elasticity, and finished it in natural and beautiful shape. Honda's outboard motor is set up at the tail of the hull, and you can sail with the engine.

Suzuki, known for its high power outboard motor, has displayed a new type outboard motor named "DF325A". It lowered the company's top model "DF350A"highest output from 350HP to 325HP, and instead tailored to be able to operate even with low quality gasoline. Even though the output has been reduced, it is 650HP with dual outboard and 1300HP with quad outboard, so the power is enough for luxury cruisers.

Lastly is Kawasaki which is famous for its water bikes. The market share in the world is small, but the water bike "Jet Ski" is extremely popular with its sharp design and wonderful acceleration. It's amazing as you can get a speed of over 100km/h in a short time with such a small body!!

How was it? Which of the above do you want to ride?