The topic of electric vehicle (EV) is definite now in the world. Especially in China and Europe, the spread of EV is positive, and they are implementing policies that obligate EV sales in the near future. However, in fact, Japan has been working on EV earlier, where Mitsubishi Motor and Nissan Motor have started selling EV in 2009 and 2010 respectively. In order to solve the problem of EV that the cruising distance is short, and it is difficult to go far, quick charger which electricity can be store into the battery in a short time was placed nationwide.

The quick charger that compensate the weakness of EV

It is said that EV is environmentally friendly but there are weak points too. A typical example of that is “it takes time to charge”. For example, if you charge a battery with a capacity of 30kWh (equivalent to a cruising distance of 250km) with an ordinary power supply, it will take 8 hours at 200V and 24 hours if it’s 100V. Quick charger is here to eliminate that problem. With this, even the latest Nissan “Leaf” loaded with a large battery can be charged at 40 minutes, old model Leaf and Mitsubishi “i-MiEV” can be charged 80% in 30 minutes. This quick charger is installed nationwide in Japan, and its number reaches 7167 as of 23 November. It is made possible to drive long distance that greatly exceeds the possible distance of EV.。

Since there is a charging station, it is OK to drive 1200km from Tokyo to Hanamaki, Iwate by EV

For Malaysia, the distance from Perlis to Johor is also OK with EV drive