The lady in her 20’s, who works as a sales associate at apparel shop in Shibuya shows us what she has in her cosmetic pouch. We find some items unique to the Japanese. You might have the same item as her in your cosmetic pouch!?

2 colors in 1 lipstick! Great value lipstick and glitter eye-shadow are must have


LIP BABY CRAYON from Rohto which was very popular cosmetic item for girls last summer. You can enjoy 2 different colors in this one lipstick. When you wanna enjoy the matt texture, you use warm beige color side, and when you wanna make your look cute, you use apricot color side. She also brings pale pink eye-shadow which makes her face soft and natural look, and gold eye-shadow which makes her a gorgeous look. She changes her makeup depending on her fashion. As we'd expect an apparel sales assistant, she changes her makeups depending on her outfit. 

What? Is it only JPY 100? Utilizing unexpected


She cares about fashion and makeup because she works at apparel shop. But, she doesn’t wanna spend so much money on new cosmetic equipment, so she likes to get items from ¥100 shop. All of items, such as eyelash curler, Eyeshadow blush, eyebrow pencil and lip blush, on the pic above are from ¥100 shop. Japanese products are very high quality, so it works really well and we cannot believe that each costs only ¥100 at all.

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