There’re many world-famous cosmetic brands from Japan. Do you have any Japanese cosmetics? At this time, we’ll check a cosmetic pouch of 30’s sales rep at some company in Shinjuku. She shows us how and when she uses these items! 

Dry skin is the enemy for late 30’s! Keep your skin moist!

She is in her 30’s and a sales rep. She’ll be in her 40’s soon, so she takes care of her skin so carefully like she goes to facial esthetic twice a month. She goes back and forth inside of building and outside during working, so air and temperature are changes a lot, so she needs to take care about her skin carefully. These 4 items on the pic are her must haves.

From right, Avene’s water spray, Allie’s sunblock, Shiseido’s White Lucent and eye drops. She uses Avene’s water spray when she feels her skin gets dry because of air conditioning. Allie’S sunblock is great as a primer, so she uses when she fixes her makeup. Shiseido’s White Lucent uses for preventing her face from getting red in hot day, so she uses this cream after puts a primer. Eye drops is preventing her eyes from dry, so she can keep her eyes clear. Also, she cares about anti-aging, too.

Japanese Women Are Beauty-Conscious!

At this time, we found more items from her pouch. This clear color cosmetics and Keselan Ptharan’s cosmetics. This clear cosmetic is nail oil! Put little bit of oil around nail and apply it by finger, and it makes finger and nail look much better. She uses PC a lot, so she needs to take care of her fingers.

Keselan Ptharan’s cosmetic is beauty essence for eyelashes. When she gets older, volume of eyelashes decreases, so she uses this beauty essence to keep eyelashes thick and long. She applies it every morning and night.

How was it? Late 30’s Japanese women takes care of themselves even though they are busy at working. You can buy the cosmetics that we introduce at Japanese drugstores or department stores’ cosmetic section. 

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