Low-carb diet has been very popular in recent years. However, if you like eating rice, low-carb diet might be a little bit challenging for you. Mochimugi Diet is getting popular in Japan and it is sold out at many supermarkets. There are many books that are featuring recipes using mochimugi (sticky barley). In Western countries, sticky barley is considered as a food to lower blood cholesterol level. It has unique chewy texture and that makes you feel full sooner than when you eat normal white grain rice.


The method of this diet is very simple as all you have to do is to include mochimugi into your daily diet. Mochimugi has lower calories than rice and has a richer amount of fiber that is 25 times more than white rice, and also is rich with β‐glucan that controls your blood cholesterol level. Just keep eating mochimugi and your intestine gets cleaned by the food fiber. A clean intestine makes your body healthier.


Mochimugi can be cooked with rice or also you can just boil it and use it for any recipe like salad and soup. I think cooking with rice is the easiest way. Just put mochimugi with rice and cook it with rice cooker as usual. When it’s cooked with rice, the chewy texture makes you chew more and that helps your digestion. Mixing with mochimugi, rice can be still good when it gets cold so I always use mochimugi mix rice for my lunch box.


I like putting it into my salad. If you eat salad only, you might feel hungry soon after you eat. Then just put 5 spoons of boiled mochimugi to your salad. It stays in your stomach longer and you can be satisfied. I made “Shabu-shabu Salad” as a part of my low carb diet. Shabu-shabu is boiled pork and the salad is with avocado, cucumber and beans. Even though mochimugi contains a lot of carbohydrate, you can still make use of mochimugi’s benefit. You just need to be careful not to take too much.


When you are going on a diet, you might try eat a little. But that cause you constipation. Healthy diet should be with balanced eating habit and some exercise. If you feel stress with your diet, that means that diet is not working for you. You cannot lose your weight in a short term. Make your goal in a year or two. Change your habit, then your mind would be change. When your mind changed in a good way, your body would be healthier. I also had hard times to make my shape but once you find a diet that fit you, you would be more comfortable to lose weight. Good luck!

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