The Japanese firework-makers are among the most skilled in the world with many providing their works overseas. It’s not only a cultural event, but its artistic value has attracted many tourists who simply want to see a great display of the master works by the best firework artists in Japan.

So, here’s a list and a map of the major fireworks held in this year.

Around Tokyo

Sumidagawa - 28th July 

Arguably the biggest fireworks event in Japan is held at Sumida River in Asakusa area. It is also one of the oldest ones taking place at the capital city with a history of 300 years, and attending the event means a lot to Tokyoites who look forward to this annual event. It is also one of the very few fireworks which gets broadcasted every year.

Tamagawa - 13th October 

The second largest fireworks in Tokyo is the Tamagawa fireworks. In fact, it is one of the most popular events in Japan where more than 300,000 people watch. It is held at Tama River which divides Tokyo from Kanagawa Prefecture, and people from both sides of the river come to enjoy this greatest annual event.


Enoshima - October (date not fixed)

The fireworks at Enoshima is a great one in that it is held at one of the most popular beaches in Japan. Located just an hour away from Tokyo, the beaches of Enoshima has always been the Tokyoites favorite view for so long. With fireworks illuminating the Pacific and the small island of Enoshima, it is a very romantic way to end your summer.

East Japan Area

Nagaoka - 2nd , 3rd August

The fireworks at Nagaoka in Niigata prefecture is one of the few events which lasts for two days. It is known nationwide for its beautiful 625-meter firework called the “Niagara”. In recent years, they have also incorporated a dramatic music to it to add some theatrical elements.

Sendai - 5th August

With over 450,000 people attending every year, the fireworks at Sendai in Miyagi prefecture is one of the largest events in the Tohoku region. They amass a total of 16,000 fireworks within the 1.5-hour event where you’d see bright fire lights from all around you.

Suwako - 15th August

Starting in 1949, the Suwako fireworks held in Nagano prefecture is the largest exhibition of fireworks with over 40,000 beautiful flowers blooming in the night sky. It is also known for having the longest Niagara in Japan, a surprising 2,000-meter-long row of fireworks pouring down into the lake.

Omagari - 25th August

Starting in 1910, the fireworks at Omagari in Akita prefecture has one of the longest history and the greatest number of attendance with more than 710,000 people attending every year. Not only is it a traditional event, but it’s also the venue for the annual firework masters’ contest where firework manufacturer from around the nation gather to display their masterpieces.

MOERE - 8th September

Held at the Moere-numa Park designed by the worldly renowned Japanese American landscape artist Isamu Noguchi, MOERE fireworks is more of an art event than a seasonal tradition, with music and fireworks synchronizing to paint a beautiful artwork in the night sky. It’s well worth a visit if you’re planning a trip to Hokkaido.

Tsuchiura - 7th October

Along with Omagari, Tsuchiura is also the venue for the annual firework masters’ contest where more than 700,000 viewers come to watch the 20,000+ fireworks shot out to the late summer night sky. Due to its location closer to Tokyo, there are more manufacturers from Tokyo taking part in this event so you’ll see the ultimate display of the best fireworks in Japan!

West Japan Area

Yodogawa - 4th August

The fireworks at Yodogawa in Osaka prefecture is a unique one that is supported fully by volunteers. The event started in 1989 with only 3000 fireworks, but now it has become one of the greatest summer events in the Kansai region.

Yume HANABI - 11th August

Although it may not be the most famous one in Kyushu, Yume HANABI has gained a lot of attention and props in recent years for its beautiful display and people talking about it over social media. They were voted the best fireworks in Kyushu last year, which means there should probably be more people coming this year.


Miyajima - 25th August
The Miyajima fireworks is not just a fine display of the finest fireworks, but it’s also a great collaboration of the world famous red gate in the sea and the lights that illuminate the water surface. It would make a great day trip if you have never been to Hiroshima to look around town during the day, and enjoy the beautiful world heritage site with fireworks.