All the tourists will absolutely want to try Matcha when they happened to visit Kyoto. However some may not have enough time to go to Uji. So if you are one of the tourist who having this difficulty, let’s buy it at Kyoto Station! You can purchase the famous Matcha souvenirs also around the Kyoto Station! By buying all the souvenirs at Kyoto station, you can save your shopping time and get to spend more time to fully enjoy the beauty of Kyoto! Today we are going to introduce the shops around Kyoto Station which sell Matcha products!

The famous shop, Popular celebrity store

Nakamura Toukichi Nama Cha-colate

A famous shop where tourist will definitely go to eat when travelling to Uji. Besides dessert, there are many menus served at this shop such as Matcha soba, etc. This "Nama Cha-colate" has the taste of both Matcha and Hojicha, and is very delicious. Since the taste of Match is rich, the Cha-colate isn’t too sweet. It will cause one to eat unstoppable after start eating the first piece. It will be great for you to go with a cup of tea.

Spot Information

  • Name: Nakamura Toukichi Kyoto Station Store
  • Address: Restaurant Street, JR Kyoto Isetan Store, Higashishiokoji-cho, Karasuma Koji Shiokoji Kudaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Access: Exit from the west exit ticket counter of JR Kyoto Station, and in front of East Paradise 3F

Itohkyuemon - raw chocolate

This is also one of the famous shop for tourist. The raw chocolate is coated with Matcha powder with nice scent. Once you put in your mouth, the chocolate will melt and bring you great satisfaction. The chocolate is so delicious because the balance between the taste of the cream and the taste of the Matcha is perfect.

Spot Information

  • Name: Itohkyuemon Kyoto Station Mae shop
  • Address: 1F, 579, Higashishiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Access: 3 minutes on foot from JR "Kyoto Station"

The taste which you could only find in Kyoto

Kyogashidokoro Kongetsu ~ Hime Senju Senbei (Organic Matcha)

Japanese always purchase this product. It is made by using Uji Matcha that was organic cultivated. This crispy cookies are rich in creamy taste and is slightly sweet. However it is fine as the cream which sandwiched by the rice cracker is little bitter where it is just nice to neutralize the sweetness of cookies. I would like to applaud “Bravo! Bravo!” to the greatest of combination of this concerto.

Spot Information

  • Name: Kyogashidokoro Kongetsu, Isetan Kyoto Store
  • Address: B1F, JR Kyoto Isetan, Higashishiokoji-cho, Karasumadorishiokoji Kudaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi.
  • Access: 2 minutes on foot from JR "Kyoto Station"


What a good news for you that PRESS BUTTER SAND opened their branch in Kyoto Station. Moreover, the limited taste product is available here! If you come to Kyoto, you definitely don’t want to miss it. It made from both Matcha butter cream and caramel butter. The compatibility of double layers cream and the cookie with crisp texture is as wonderful as we cannot express it in words easily. Even for the FUN! JAPAN staff who are not really like Matcha were impressed with the taste as well.

Spot Information

  • Name: PRESS BUTTER SAND Kyoto Station shop
  • Address: South-North Passage, 2F, West Exit, Hagashishiokoji-cho, Karasumadorishiokoji Kudaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi.
  • Access: Exit from the west exit ticket gate of JR "Kyoto Station", the shop is located at the left side of "Kyomeika/Meisaidokoro Miyako" area.

New taste of the fusion of Japanese and western style

Kyo Baum ~ Baumkuchen of Matcha and Soy Milk

It is Baumkuchen with repeatedly piled up soy milk cloth and Matcha cloth, with a firm thickness. The outermost layer is Matcha chocolate. Even it looks sweet at first sight, but if you try it, you will find out that this baumkuchen is not as sweet as you thought. The combination of soy milk and matcha is not sweet or bitter and is just in good balance. Besides, it is moist, soft and delicious. On the other hand, the crispy texture of Matcha chocolate is also interesting as well.

Spot Information

  • Name: Kyo Baum Kyoto Tower Sand Shop
  • Address: 1F, 721-1, Higashishiokoji-cho, Karasuma Dori Shichijo Dori Kudaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
  • Access: 
    • 4 minutes on foot from JR Kyoto Station Shinkansen central entrance
    • 3 minutes on foot from JR Kyoto Station central entrance
    • 2 minutes on foot from JR Kyoto Station east exit of the  underground 

Malebranche ~ Chanoka

The thick tea which used in "Chanoka" is original thick tea. Thus, it has the unique scent which is only contained by thick tea. Even though the sandwiched white chocolate is thick, but it is neutralized perfectly by the bitter tea cookie taste. It is similar to the white chocolate cookie of the classic souvenir which is popular and purchased by many people who travel to Hokkaido, however for this, it is in matcha flavor. It is a perfect flavor and so tasty. It is also perfect to be served with tea or coffee.

Spot Information

  • Name: Malebranche JR Kyoto Isetan B1 shop
  • Address: B1F, JR Kyoto Isetan, Higashishiokoji-cho, Karasumadorikoji kudaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi.
  • Access:  2 minutes on foot from JR "Kyoto Station"