Hi, I’m Maru-chan!  I love trains so much!

Check out the latest Shinkansen post!  Today, I’ll introduce a shinkansen that runs along Western Japan.  Which is your favorite?

This is the “500 series” shinkansen.

Since its debut over 15 years it’s jet airplane-like blue body has been long popular.

“500 series” shinkansen
“500 series” shinkansen

It runs from Osaka to Hakata, and even has a small driver’s seat for kids!  Of course, they can’t really drive the train… but it looks just like the real thing, and is in the first train car – take a look!  You can really feel like you’re driving the train.

This one is the “Sakura” series.

It has a similar design to the “N700” series that we introduced previously, but is light blue in color.  From Osaka to Kagoshima, the southernmost city in Mainland Japan, this Shinkansen runs along western Japan.

Most Shinkansen have 5-abreast seating, but many of the Shinkansen in Western Japan have 4-abreast seating, providing comfort seating! There’s even wooden design interior, giving it a luxurious feel.

The bathroom is even nice and spacious!  To make the Shinkansen bathroom feel like a hotel bathroom… so Japanese!

[cooperated by West Japan Railway Company]

※This article was published in July 2014.