Things to ensure before posting and making travel logs public

We here at FUN! JAPAN created these travel logs to try and help make everyone’s trips more fun and fulfilling. The idea is to offer a place where you can share your important and amazing experiences as well as maybe connect with others who have a shared interest in these experiences. The travel logs that you create of your personal experiences will prove incredibly useful to others. We would love you to use your imagination and create a post you can be proud to make public.

Let’s be sure to mind our manners

Please refrain from posting any derogatory or defamatory comments on other member’s posts. Furthermore, any posts that are deliberately harmful to any other member will not be tolerated. On FUN! JAPAN you are free to post using a nickname, however the benefit of anonymity is not a license for bad behavior. Please behave as you would in the real world, with the correct etiquette and aim to help others.

Let’s aim to write for newcomers

Not everyone is a seasoned traveller, so for the locations you are writing about, try and write about the various sightseeing spots, shop locations etc. as clearly and simply as possible.

Be careful with personal information

If you are planning to post a photo from your trip that includes someone else in the picture, please ensure you get that person’s permission prior to posting it on the web. Furthermore, please refrain from posting any personal information such as full names, contact details, and any other information that may be a security risk to publish on the web.

Check for copyright infringement prior to making a post public

There is a possibility that any pictures and text not explicitly created by you could be subject to copyright. Please ensure that everything within your post either is explicitly owned by you or you have acquired the permission to post it prior to making the post public. For any other information, please check the FUN! JAPAN TERMS&CONDITIONS located at the bottom of your screen.

List of posting prohibitions

•No posting of any personal information such as mail addresses or physical addresses without the explicit consent of the person in question. (This does not include information already readily available to the public)

•No adult images or images of the inside of an adult-goods store.

•No use of material (text, images, illustrations etc.) which you do not have permission to use.

•No writing of harmful ideas, messages, sentiments etc.

•No writing that would harm another person’s privacy or rights.

•No writing that defames another person or disparages a place.

•No writing excessive amounts of information at the same time.

•No writing that would infringe on any laws or public order.

•No writing for the purpose of personal gain or for the sale of personal goods etc.

•No writing that prevents or disturbs the operations of FUN! JAPAN.

•No writing where it is not clear if the events described actually happened.

•No writing that can be considered interference with any other business.

•No posting material from a third party.

In addition to the above rules, FUN! JAPAN reserves the right to remove any post that an administrator deems unfit to be on the site. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

Furthermore, depending on the severity of the incident we reserve the right to completely suspend your usage of the service. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, there may be times when we do not provide an explanation as to why your post was removed or to why your usage was suspended.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, you can contact us by clicking the CONTACT US button near the bottom of your screen.