Do you all like coffee? Coffee might be a necessity drink for some of you. Just like the famous coffee brand such as CITY CAFE, Let's Café, etc in Taiwan, you can just go to convenience store if you wish to get a freshly brewed coffee when traveling in Japan. It is so easy and convenient for the consumer to get a nice coffee. Moreover, the coffee has good value of money~ ~ However, you might have difficulty in deciding to select coffee of 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, or LAWSON, etc. This time, FUN! JAPAN team will introduce three major Japanese brand coffee which you could find in convenience store for your easy comparison!


Besides coffee, MACHI Café of LAWSON also has some tea products and some other limited edition products, and this brand has the most choices among the coffee brands in all convenience stores. Furthermore it is not self-service, instead it's prepared and handed over by the convenience store staff. Also, there are various package designs of the cup according to the season or holiday period.

Variety of menus

  • Hot/iced Coffee: 100 yen (S), 150 yen (M), 180 yen (L)
  • Caffeine-less Coffee: 150 yen (S)
  • Caffeine-less Iced Coffee: 200 yen (M)
  • Caffe Latte: 150 yen (M), 180 yen (L)
  • Iced Caffe Latte: 150 yen (M)
  • Caffeine-less Iced Caffe Latte: 200 yen (M)
  • Iced Milk: 150 yen
  • Hot Milk: 130 yen
  • Iced Earl Grey Tea: 180 yen
  • Machi Caffe Darjeeling Tea: 180 yen
  • Iced Milk Tea: 210 yen
  • Rich Loyal Milk Tea: 210 yen
  • Hoji Tea Latte: 210 yen
  • Hot/Iced Cafe Mocha: 210 yen
  • Hot/Iced Milk Cocoa: 180 yen
  • ※Size: S 160 ml ╱ M 250 ml ╱ L 300 ml


FAMIMA CAFÉ of FamilyMart in Japan has colorful varieties, furthermore besides coffee it also serve matcha and frappe. Among them, frappe are the most popular products which are sold with three or four different menus in summer.

At first the purchasing method is a little complicated, but it is easy after you get used to!

We will explain about the method to purchase since this is a little complicated and is basically in self-service style. 

  • When purchasing a hot drinks: You have to order directly at the cash register and you will be given a cup. Then please go to the coffee machine and push the button of the purchased item. When it is ready, take it out and enjoy your coffee!
  • When purchasing an iced drinks: Take the product you wish to purchase from the frozen case and make payment at the cash register. Then proceed to the coffee machine and push the button of the purchased item. When it is ready, take it out and enjoy your coffee!
  • There are sugar, syrup, milk, and the cup lids nearby the coffee machine for your hot drinks or iced drinks and you can take it freely.

There are unique drinks menu such as Matcha and caramel as well!

  • Iced Blended: 100 yen (S), 150 yen (M), 180 yen (L)
  • Iced Coffee: 100 yen (S), 180 yen (M)
  • Caffe Latte: 150 yen (M)
  • Iced Cafe Latte: 180 yen (M)
  • Caramel Latte: 210 yen
  • Iced Caramel Latte: 240 yen
  • Itoen Uji Matcha Latte: 150 yen
  • Thick cocoa: 150 yen
  • Frappe: 270 yen
  • ※Size: S 155 ml ╱ M 220 ml ╱ L 310 ml


7-ELEVEN's SEVEN CAFÉ in Japan offers a particularly made coffee. The dripping machine used is functional to freshly brew the coffee for your enjoyment. The coffee here are also served in self-service style, and the method to purchase is exactly the same as FamilyMart FAMIMA CAFÉ.

The drinks menu in pursuit of taste

  • Iced Coffee: 100 yen (R), 150 yen (L)
  • Hot Coffee: 100 yen (R), 180 yen (L)
  • Iced Caffe Latte (without sugar): 180 yen (R), 250 yen (L)
  • Hot Caffe Latte: 150 yen (R), 200 yen (L)
  • ※Size: R 150 ml ╱ L 235 ml

Comments by FUN! JAPAN staff

There are three convenience stores nearby FUN! JAPAN office. Here are the opinions of FUN! JAPAN’s staff who drinks convenience store coffee every day!


  • The taste of blended coffee is slightly bitter
  • The smell of coffee when it is just prepared is so good.
  • Since strong acidity coffee beans are used, it is recommended for those who like Kenya coffee.
  • In order to bring out the taste of coffee, the milk taste of Caffe Latte is less than others. It can be said that the bitterness of Caffe Latte is stronger same as blended coffee.


  • The taste of coffee beans is strong and there is not much acidity.
  • Caffe latte, which are concerned by most of the staffs has the best balance of bitterness and thickness.
  • The taste of Caffe latte is as gentle as a caffe au lait, and is recommended for those who do not like bitter taste or milky taste.


  • The taste and the smell of coffee is good.
  • It has the perfect bitterness in order to let the consumer enjoy the taste of roasted coffee beans.
  • Caffé latte has a strong smell of milk, with no conflict with the taste of coffee.
  • It's with good acidity and suppressed bitterness, which is easy to drink.
  • If you want to taste the taste of dark roasted coffee, please go to SEVEN CAFE!

The coffee at each convenience store has its own characteristics, and also has different taste and quality. When you visit Japan, please try the coffee of convenience store. You may try the coffee of different convenience store every day to find out your favorite convenience store coffee!