30 years of history in hair, makeup and fashion in Japan! The big prediction of Japan popular makeup in coming time.


A new era will replace the current era, Heisei in year 2019. Shiseido has appointed a model to show the trends and transitions, from a beauty point of view, as result of ‘Heisei’ 30 years of research.

Heisei 1 – Heisei 5 (year 1989 - 1993)

Heisei first year is the year when the bubble economy reached the peak. This is the period in Japan where women would utilize their strength and femininity.

Makeup was characterized in this period by lipstick with vivid colors like red, blue and rose pink. Other than the lips, makeup would remain natural. Even around the eyes only slight, feminine colors such as rose and light purple would be used

The mainstream hairstyle was to have long straight hair. Hair would be ‘one length’ with a perm applied only to the tip of the hair. Aside from this, ‘uphill hair’, with thinly trimmed hair, was also a symbol of this period.

Heisei 6 – Heisei 10 (year 1994 - 1998)

As Japan entered into a long recession, inexpensive products became more popular. A cultural shift led to computers and mobile phones becoming more popular, the information sharing began to increase

"Girl’s culture", through mediums such as thick bottom boots and mini-skirts, increased in popularity. In addition, brown hair, thin eyebrows and small face makeup boomed. Makeup such as pearl eye shadow, and beige and brown series lips, considered to be the makeup of the near future, also became popular.

For hairstyles, the “Layer cut” which has a layer at the tip of the hair, creating a shaggy hair style, was popular during this period. The rate of young women dying their hair had exceeded 90%.

Heisei 11 ~ Heisei 15 (year 1999 ~ 2003)

During this period, the fashion was categorized into ‘girls’, ‘elegant’, ‘Harajuku backstreet’ and more. "Girl’s culture" had evolved impressively centered at the area in Shibuya. The fashion style such as plain colored clothes, flower hair ornaments, and other unique makeup was popular.

The greatest feature was the sunburnt skin. There were people who actually were sunburnt, while some of them used a dark colored foundation to imitate the effect. A finishing such as eyeliner covered the border of the eyes. Thin colored eyebrows and other makeup which emphasized on eye makeup were popular as well.

Popular hair colors were bright and high-toned colors used included yellow, ash, hi-bleach, etc. There were even more people with dyed hair during this period.

Heisei 16 – Heisei 20 (year 2004 - 2008)

During this period when the recession became more serious, there was a growth in desire for marriage, due to insecure feelings. A marriage boom started, and women's desire to become popular and liked by their peers became stronger. The epidemic of romantic fashion using frills and lace increased as well.

"Thick makeup" that could naturally produce femininity was popular. The eye liner which bordered the eyes, mascara, and eyelashes which could show bigger eyes were popular, while glossy mouth make-up was popular. It was the period where you could see the beauty consciousness grow though the boom of black eye contact lens and eyelash extensions.

People also tended to become more concerned with hair makeup. The popular style was silhouette that arranged with hair extensions or hair ironings.

Heisei 21 – Heisei 25 (year 2009 - 2013)

During the period when the East Japan Earthquake of 2011 happened, the values and mindset of consumers and society as a whole changed. Women were more likely to ask themselves what they actually needed, intended to adjust consumption toward their needs.

The fashion tended to shift to simple and easy, and the healing style boomed. Natural makeup became the trend. Makeup such as "eye bag makeup" which pearl highlighted the lower eyelid, and "Yuagari’s (after bath) cheek" which made the cheeks upper part rouge, became more popular.

Soft and fluffy curly hair styles became popular, as did natural styles where the tip of the hair was wrapped towards the inside to create an airy feeling.

Heisei 26 - present (year 2014 - 2018)

In end of Heisei period, the number the tourists who visit Japan has increased and the economy is expected to recover. 80s and 90s fashion such as high waist, producer winding, and sneakers became popular as a symbol of revival.

The keywords of makeup during this period are "Lady" and "Mode". It features a bright, short, and thick eyebrow. The mouth makeup also became fashionable with bright lipsticks such as bright rose and vivid pink color.

The Bob hair style is popular. "Front hair bang" and "see-through bang" in which hair is thinly trimmed also became popular.

The trend of Japanese hair makeup in the future...

In the future, it seems like women will tend to enjoy more diversified fashion and makeup. It will become the era that woman will not choose only one trend fashion, instead they will choose the one suits themselves from all the information collected.

The “personalized fashion” which distinguishes individuality is likely to accelerate even in the world of hair and makeup. As an example, “Futuristic fashion and makeup” which were popular in the second half of the 1990s will revive into a new form.


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