Resort style fully dressed under 10 thousand yen

During your holiday at any resort, it is natural for you to want to take a lot of photographs as memories. But it is a bit sad if all the pictures were taken with you wearing the same clothes. If it is with GU, you can challenge a new pattern or colored one-piece dress at a reasonable price, so it is very convenient during times like this. This time, I managed to coordinate everything under 10 thousand yen (around RM370) again!

A one-piece dress under 1000 yen... is it possible??!!

  • GU’s one-piece lounge dress – 990 yen
  • GU’s double strap mule sandals – 990 yen
  • ZARA’s bag – 2900 yen
  • Jean jacket – 2900 yen

Their blue lounge dress is made of soft materials and is very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t crease even when you put it into the washing machine which is rather convenient. It has a marine pattern which is just perfect for when you go to a beach or pool resort. This dress has a long hem and doesn’t tighten around the waist, so it should be comfortable when wearing this on a plane. After having fun in the resort, it serves as a decent room wear, and just by adding on some accessories, you are all dressed up ready for a great outing.

Just add on a short-sleeved jean jacket and you are ready for a city outing. 

When fitting your dress with a jacket, choose one that is short-sleeved. Fitting a long-sleeved jacket with a long dress is out of style. Just by changing your bag and shoes, you will get a new decent outing wear.

So, how is it? Quality and nicely designed popular western clothes for a cheap price @GU. If you do some shopping in Japan, you may be able to use it in your next resort travel!!??


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