Honda is well known as a manufacturer of cars and motorcycles, but actually is not only limited to the above mentioned. They have a wide range of product lineup such as cultivators, snow-removing machines (devices to be used to clean the snow on the road), electric generators, marine use engines, airplanes and so on.

Besides the sales of their product, Honda also aggressively propose on the lifestyle, taking advantage on the various lineup of their products. During "International Rose and Gardening Show 2018" which was held in May, Honda has exhibited the garden dioramas concept that imaged the wonderful living style at the countryside where is away from the town area.

Fun countryside living style which is created by Honda products


The theme of the mini-garden is "Botanical (plant) life with Honda products". Recently, there are increasing cases in Japan where the retired couples have moved from the town area to the countryside area which is more environmental friendly.

Honda event staff has explained the garden concept in this way: "The garden is imaging the lifestyle of those couple who move to countryside and open a Southern France style small coffee shop which they been looking forward since young."

The wooden model house is painted in light green to harmonize the garden with the natural landscape. On the other hand, the sunshade at the entrance to the garden are made from natural wood and unglazed roof tiles in order to create the atmosphere of Southern France with the natural material.

There were many Honda products placed in the garden. One of the item which attracted the visitors will be the electric lawn-mowing robot "miimo" in the garden. “Miimo” is the lawn mowing version, functioning just like the disk-shaped robots that automatically clean the inside of the room. “Miimo” can surpass the slight slope while doing the lawn mowing, and it will automatically return to the power electric socket location to recharge battery when the remaining power of the battery is getting low. You can also make a reservation for lawn mowing by setting for example once a week or every other day on alternate days. This is a popular item in the United States and Europe, and it might become popular in Japan in the future. 

Cultivator, electric generator, and the car to carry it.


In the garden there was also a cultivator for cultivating, and a gas engine type electric generator and so on. Since the exhibited small cultivator can finish cultivating in only 1 minute, for the same area which it normally takes 30 minutes if you do it manually with human hands, so it is so easy for one to create a field or flower garden. Even though the exhibited electric generator in the hall was the smallest type with 100V/9A, it is sufficient to be used for an electrotherapy cookers.

The exhibited car to be used to carry these machines and gardening materials was the most popular Japan’s light car, "N BOX". In Japan it is greatly evaluated as the small car body with the wide interior, however the feature is not only limited to these. The rear seat has been designed for easy storage which the floor becomes flat when the seat is folded. Therefore you can load many big tools into the car.


In Japan, excessive population concentration in town area is becoming a social problem, at the same time the residents of this developed country are looking forward to the lifestyle which owns a house with big garden and enjoying life with the affordable price at the countryside. It is only Honda out of the Japanese automobile manufacturers who managed to propose such lifestyle with the varieties of products comprehensively.