If you travel to Japan, you definitely cannot miss the opportunity of shopping at a 100 yen shop. There are several shops such as Daiso and Seria. Today, I’m going to introduce the smart facial products which I purchase regularly at Daiso and Seria.

"DAISO" foam cleansing tool, "Hoippurun"

“Hoippurun” is cleansing foam which do not need to be rubbed to foam and it is well received in Japan. This type of facial form is commonly used by Japanese nowadays. The foam is processed simply and fine. Normally the price of facial cleansing foam costs about 1,080 yen at pharmacy, however you can find it at 1/10 of this price at the 100 yen shop! Isn’t that unbelievable?

This product is easy to use. You just need to pour in water and cleansing liquid in the container, and use the attached stick to shake it. The fine whip-like foam which you cannot create with your bare hands is made. Then, just clean your face slowly with the foam.

"Soap in whipper" of "DAISO"

This is a conventional cleansing foam, but the difference with the previous product is the net attached to the bottom part, so that the soap can be put into the mesh to be used. This allow you to hold the small soap which is usually difficult to be held to be easily used, reducing waste. Don’t you think this is so convenient?! Let’s use the soft and fluffy foam to clean your sweat gently this hot summer!

"Konnyaku cleansing puff" of "Seria". Do you know what Konnyaku is?

Konnyaku is a Japanese food ingredient. It is used to make food such as jelly, which is made from konnyaku potato starch. Just put the dry puff which is 100% made from Konnyaku into water or warm water, soften it and use it to wipe your skin gently to wash away the dirt.

The feeling of using this Konnyaku puff is like wiping your skin with a slippery membrane and you won’t feel much friction. However, this will be a "scrubbing" cleansing method which could help you to remove cuticle or blackhead! It is recommended to use it as a special care 1-2 times a week.

What do you think about the items introduced above? If you are interested please drop by and buy it on your next Japan trip! Your foam cleansing will be very fun!