Soaps, foaming soaps, and cleansing creams … What do you use for facial wash? Japanese ladies use this!

Day and night, 2 times in a day. What do Japanese ladies use to wash their faces? Some like to use solid soaps to make foam by themselves, some prefer foaming soaps and others may like to use cream-type cleansers in tube. Either way, most choose based on their skin type as it is what we use on our skins every day. 


“Solid soap”, lesser burden to skin

As most of the solid soaps contain lesser additives and give lesser burden to skin while able to provide good cleansing power, many prefer using solid soaps. Apart from the famous brands like Shiseido’s “Prior All Cleanse Soap”, Kose’s “Sekkisei Facial Essence Soap”, there are many others popular long-established brands such as “Kao White Soap” that has gained good reputation since its release in 1970, “Rosette Cleansing Paste” released in 1951 for people with acne and rough skin problems, etc. Each product has its own features, for example for use on oily skin, conspicuous facial pores, etc. Most of the soaps can be purchased from drugstores. 


“Foaming cleanser”, no need to make foam by yourself! 

This is a pump-type cleanser where it is in foaming lather from the beginning. The merit is that there is no need to lather to make foam from the soap. This is gaining supports especially from OLs who are always competing with time. 1 bottle of cleanser (150g) costs about 700~800 yen at drugstores. The 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover type is also available. For example, Dove’s “Make-up Removing Foaming Cleanser” and Biore’s “Uru Uru Instant Foaming Wash” are ever-popular. 


“Tube-type cleansing foam”, with the most numbers of items available in market

The tube-type cleansing creams is the most popular among the different types of facial cleanser, and there are many different products available at drugstores. Take an appropriate amount on hand and then lather to make foam. There are many choices based on the skin types, for example, refreshing type, moisturizing type, etc. Kao’s “Nivea Cleansing Cream Wash” and “Bioré Skin Care Facial Foam”, Shiseido’s “Senka Perfect Whip”, Rosette’s “Rosette Cleansing Paste”, etc. are popular items. You can buy them at about 400~600 yen (130g) at drugstores. 



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