“Furikake” is generally used as toppings on rice to create even better taste. From the last article, we’ve received questions such as “Can we use furikake for dishes other than rice?” Here, let’s us introduce some of the furikake recipes! Please have a try! 

Stir-fried kidney beans with furikake 

Put some sesame oil and finely cut kidney beans in a frying pan, add in okaka furikake (dried and shaved tuna flakes). Stir fry for about 30 second and it is ready to be served♪ The dish itself with rice is enough for a meal. Kidney beans are superfood rich in nutrients such as β-carotene, minerals and the 9 essential amino acids. We recommend short heating time for a crunchy texture. 

Fried cabbage and tomato curry with furikake

In a frying pan, heat salad oil. Add in the finely chopped cabbages and tomatoes, curry furikake and then stir fry until the cabbages are tender. It is also very delicious if cooked with chicken or bacon ♪

Yukari (Japanese red shiso leaves) marinated cucumber and tuna 

In a seal bag, put the cut cucumber and 1 canned tuna along with 1 big spoon of yukari furikake, and mix evenly. This is a recipe that children can also make! Very simple, no fire and not much dish washing needed too! 

Mixed okras and okaka 

Boil okras in water with salt. Slice and then mix with okaka furikake. It is also delicious with natto! Okras are rich in folic acids which are essential for the making of protein and cells in our body. Lacking folic acids will cause weakened immune system and one can get sick easily. Let’s intake folic acids with delicious food~ 

Sesame salt for everything! Especially potatoes 

Clean the potatoes and wrap them with plastic wrap. Heat the potato (150g) in microwave (600W) for 3 minutes. Cut them into appropriate size, bake with olive oil, and sprinkle lots of sesame salt. The potatoes are also delicious if served chilled. Suitable for bento too.

Yukari fried chicken

Want to modify a little of your usual fried chicken recipe? Put fried chicken and yukari into a sealed bag and shake vigorously. As chicken meat matches well with shiso, it gives a very refreshing flavor.

How do you think? Furikake is light and is very suitable as souvenir from Japan. When you visit Japan, do buy and try these recipes!