A wide variety of breads can always be found at convenience stores, supermarkets and bakeries in Japan. Foreigners are often surprised by strange bread of a type they have never seen before. This time, out of Japan’s many unique breads, we are going to introduce “sozai bread”, a type of bread into which ingredients which are usually eaten separately are inserted.


A Yakisoba and Bread Combo?! 


Yakisoba can be regarded as an unofficial national dish of Japan. A type of noodles steamed and stir-fried together with vegetables, pork, mushrooms and mixed with sauce, yakisoba is a frequent component of home cooking. The yakisoba pan ("pan" is the Japanese word for bread), resembles a small French baguette or a hotdog roll and is sliced lengthways almost all the way through to fill the cavity with yakisoba noodles. It is a popular type sozai bread served in primary and secondary schools and sold in convenience stores. Some people may find it inconceivable that noodles and bread can be eaten together, but it seems that there are many people who have tried  it once and found that the thick yakisoba sauce goes so well with the bread and eventually become great fans. 

Curry Pan


Curry Pan is made  by enveloping a spoonful of curry in a piece of dough which is coated in bread crumbs and then deep fried. Like yakisoba pan, this is also one of the breads commonly sold in convenience stores, supermarkets, and bakeries. The curry filling is similar to keema curry but without the sauce. There are also varieties with some boiled egg inside. As it can be easily eaten anywhere with one hand, it is a very popular sozai bread that curry lovers cannot resist.     

Croquette Pan


Croquette Pan is basically a sandwich with a piece of croquette topped with sauce and shredded cabbage as a filling. A croquette is a mixture of mashed potato, minced meat and other ingredients, shaped like a hockey puck and deep-fried in oil. Other than croquette, A "katsu sando” version is also available, where the croquette is replaced by a deep-fried breaded pork cutlet.

What do you think of these? Please tell us about any strange sozai breads available in your country! Are there breads with ingredients like gyoza or patties?