White rice is the main consumption food in Japan, yet there are still many people consume toast bread as their breakfast. How about your country? Today, we are going to introduce you some toast bread recipe. You just have to spend little time to prepare this delicious toast bread for your breakfast! 

1. Egg Mayo Toast

Egg Mayo toast bread can be easily prepared with only a few steps! This is a Power breakfast which could provide you with plenty of energy. All you need to do is just to spread mayonnaise on the edge of the bread and create a frame for the toast, then break an egg at the center and put into a toaster. Is as easy as 123 to make this sunny egg toast bread. The hint to avoid the egg spill out from the toasted bread is to dent the center of the bread. For those who prefer half boiled egg can heat up in high heat for 4 to 5 minutes, and for those who prefer harder egg can heat up slowly in low heat. You can also add some ham as topping to modify it into ham egg toast bread. It is recommended to use the thicker bread as the egg is quite heavy to the piece of bread.

2. Tuna mayonnaise Toast bread

Tuna is very delicious to be eaten together with mayonnaise. Therefore this is another easy and recommended recipe of delicious toast bread where you only need to add tuna and mayonnaise on it. First, make a frame as what we have done for the 1st recipe, then put the dehydrated tuna in the middle of the bread, and toast in the toaster for approximately 3 minutes until the bread turn into light brown colour. You might add some black pepper to turn the flavour into spicy which preferred by the adult. You are recommended to use a thick cut bread as the tuna is in high volume and weight as well.

3. Seaweed Cheese Toast Bread

Next, we introduce you to a Japanese style toast with Japanese ingredient, which might special and different from what you usually eat! The richness of cheese is blended well with the flavoured nori(Seaweed). The recipe is easy while the taste is wonderful. You just have to toast the bread until the cheese starting to melt which normally take you 3 minutes. It’s recommended you to use flavoured seaweed on this recipe rather than using the baked seaweed. For example, Korean seaweed is also a good choice as this toast bread’s ingredient. You can enjoy the seaweed taste more with the thin cut bread. It is also a perfect recipe to be eaten when you are hungry.

4. SMORE Style Toast

Smore is a popular dessert in North America which made from chocolate and marshmallows. It’s also said to be a must eat food during Campfire and BBQ. Last, we are going to introduce you this recipe where you can enjoy the authentic smore’s taste at home by making a toasted bread easily. All you have to do is just to put marshmallows and chocolate alternately on a slice of bread, and toast it in approximately 5 minutes. Toast until the marshmallows are charred. As marshmallow begins to change colour it will burn in just a while. Therefore, please keep your eyes monitoring the toast bread time all the time.