Ikemen (イケメン) Fun! Japan Words vol.164



Ikemen is a Japanese word that refers to a “stud”, or a “handsome man”. The word comes from a combination of “Iketeru”, meaning stylish, sexy, and cool, and the English word “men”.

This word can be used to compliment someone directly, but culturally, it is far less common in Japan to approach someone and compliment them on their looks than it is in say, Europe or North America. More often, you will hear it when people are discussing other people, or celebrities, etc.

It’s a word you want in your arsenal if you enjoy gossip, or even just casual conversation. A common topic for women in Japan is talking about the types of men that they are interested in. For example, you might hear “Donna hito ga taipu desuka?”, which translates to “What is your type?” To this question you might hear the answer “Ikemen ga ii desu”, meaning “I like handsome men”.

Knowing this phrase allows you to join in on the fun!
Let’s remember the following useful sentences before going to Japan!


Ano hito chou ikemen jyanai?
> Don’t you think that person is a complete stud!

Watashi wa ikemen ga suki desu.
> I like good-looking men.


Now all that’s left is to go out there and try using them in Japan!

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