Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most people have been perpetually reminded since childhood including myself. Steamed rice, a bowl of warm miso soup and grilled fish are the traditional Japanese breakfast. Do get me wrong, I like western style breakfast such as toasts, eggs and sausages, but I just can’t live without Japanese ones.
And one day, I wonder if I could combine two different styles of breakfasts in anyhow.
What I tried was to make toasts with Japanese ingredients. Here are some recipes I tried.

Egg-In-a Hole Toasts With Soy Sauce



・1 slice of your favorite kind of bread
・1 tablespoon butter
・1 egg
・Any kind of your favorite cheese
・Green onion
・3 table spoons of say sause

1. Press a hole in the center of the slice of bread with a spoon. Spread the butter on the bread and crack the egg straight into the center of the hole.
2. Put it in a toaster oven until the egg is set a bit.
3. Take it out of the toaster oven and sprinkle some cheese, green onion and most importantly of all, drizzle soy sauce on top.
4. Put it back in the toaster oven untill cheese is melted.

Done! How easy this is.
Honestly, it tasted a lot better than I thought it would be.
I didn’t know that soy sauce and the toast make the great match.

Cheesy Miso Mayonase Pizza Toastie



・1 slice of your favorite kind of bread
・Green onion
・Any kind of your favorite cheese
・2 tea spoons of Miso
・1 table spoon of Mayonase
・Sesame seeds

1. Mix miso and mayonase together in order to make a sauce.
2. Spread sauce on the bread.
3. Sprinkle toppings and put it into a toaster oven.

Miso and mayonnaise together? Yes, they make a great sauce. It is so easy and tasty that I even like to dip and eat some vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes. Delicious.

Teriyaki Chicken Toast




・1 slice of your favorite kind of bread
・Green onion
・Teriyaki Chicken
・Sweet corn
(If you want to make teriyaki chicken from scratch, all you need to do is to grill chicken thigh with a tablespoon each of sugar and soy sauce. )

1. Put teriyaki chicken on a bread.
2. Sprinkle some sweet corns and green onions.
3. Squeeze some mayonase on top and put it in a toaster oven.

I garnished it with seaweed to make it prettier and tastier. Not necessary if you can’t get any.
Sweet and salty teriyaki chicken, sweetcorn, and mayonnaise are so delicious together.
This is a big toast and can easily fill you up.

All these recipes I made was so simple that everyone can try it at home.
If you wanted to try something different than usual, it is the simply way to add a bit of colour to an ordinary slice of bread.
Despite the simplicity, all of these recipes are very flavorful and delicious.

You should make one for yourself or even try to create your own ordinal ones.