The selling point of Japonica rice includes the soft texture of the rice, sweet taste and also the springy of the gritty rice. Now, there is a new released rice cooker which can assist you to cook rice perfectly. "VERMICULAR Rice Pot" by Aichi Dobby is the pot that could allow you to enjoy this luxury.


A Rice cooker which founded with the intention to cook the most delicious rice

Aichi Dobby, the founder of the above rice cooker is actually not a home appliance manufacturer. The company was originally a casting company which made textile machines by using their machining technology. Subsequently, the company started to utilize their technology and invested the enameled cast iron pot, “VERMICULAR”. Since the taste of the rice which cooked by this pot became a hot topic, "VERMICULAR Rice Pot" was developed to cook rice automatically.

Anhydrous and low temperature cooking are possible


"VERMICULAR Rice Pot" does not only limited to cook rice, but is also available to cook other dishes. For example by using this pot, you can cook the ingredient with the middle heat, low heat, or even you can adjust it to ultra-low heat. With the advantage of the pot’s high sealing ability, you can cook anhydrously by only using the ingredients’ water without adding any water. Besides, you can cook in low temperature, between the ranges of 35 to 90 Celsius. This is very useful to cook a roasted beef and confit with this function.

Reasons why the rice cooked by using this pot is delicious


There are few reasons of why the rice cooked using "VERMICULAR Rice Pot" is delicious. First, the pot is a high quality enameled cast iron pot. "VERMICULAR" is equipped with high heat retention and infrared function, which enable it to transfer the heat to ingredient effectively. In addition, the high metal technology will produce the “VERMICULAR” in high air tightness, near to 0.01mm in unit. That is the reason why the rice could be cooked while maintained in glossy colour and high moisture texture.

Get the tasty pot cooked rice easier


There is no doubt that the rice cooked with this casting enamel pot, "VERMICULAR" is delicious. However, there will be a difference if you cooked using a gas stove. Hence, "VERMICULAR Rice Pot" is invented to bring you a fully automatic cooking experience. All you got to do is just to add in water and rice, and press the button to turn on the IH heater. Then, the pot will automatically cook the delicious dish for you. In addition, white rice, brown rice and porridge mode are prepared for your easy cooking as well. With this pot, you can select the function which allows you to cook the rice with high gritty scent.

A Rice cooker which invented to pursue delicious


"VERMICULAR Rice Pot" is a rice cooker that manufactured in Japan and was invented based on the skillfulness of the craftsman and desire to cook rice to its perfection. Their focus is to cook a pot of delicious rice, as such there is no heat retention function or any additional function to adjust the texture, for example rice’s softness. "VERMICULAR Rice Pot" is one of the best rice cooker which brings you the most quality cooked rice.

Product Overview

  • Product Overview
  • Price: 86,184 (tax included)
  • Size: W311 × D296 × H 208 mm
  • Weight: approximately 6.9 kg
  • Rated voltage: 100 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Rated power: 1350 W

Photos & article by:Takahiro Koyama