Horror & Mystery Series: Scary stories when you understand the meanings Part 4【Japanese horror】

  • July 5, 2024
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Japanese horror Scary stories when you understand the meanings

"Scary stories when you understand the meanings" (Imi-kowa), this time we will introduce three 'Imi-kowa' stories. Please read the stories, think about your own answers, and then check them with the explanation! Also, please share your unique answers that you came up with in the comment section.

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Scary stories when you understand the meanings: "Best Friend"

Japanese horror Scary stories when you understand the meanings

Friend: "I'm really sorry."

Me: "Hey, stop it!"

Friend: "My sister... my sister is sick... I need money..."

Me: "Are you okay? Get yourself together!"

Friend: "...thanks......"

Me: "Tw... no, if 100,000 yen is enough for you, I'll lend it to you."

Friend: "Thank you so much... and, um... how should I say this..."

Me: "Cheer up man, if you're okay with leftovers from dinner, eat up."

Friend: "Thank you..."

Me: "...what are you saying man? Besides, aren't we best friends?"

Friend: "Actually, I was thinking of killing myself... If you weren't here, I would have already..."

Me: "Don't mind it man."

Friend: "Sorry, I know it's so late at night."

Scary stories when you understand the meanings: "Change of Heart"

Japanese horror Scary stories when you understand the meanings

I wanna kill myself and getaway from everything

I've had enough

Superficial relationships

Things like that are of no use to me

Such a life

Repeating the same thing everyday

It's all too much

Even if I blame everything on difficulty of finding a job

I kept failing my interviews

For me, there is no point in living.

No, I can't give up now

Maybe I should reconsider suicide...

Scary stories when you understand the meanings: "Message from Girlfriend"

Japanese horror Scary stories when you understand the meanings

It's been two weeks since she found out I cheated on her.

My girlfriend, who hadn't contacted me at all for a long while, finally let me into her room.

But the atmosphere was awkward and time just passed without either of us saying a word.

I couldn't stand the tension and escaped to the bathroom.

When I glanced to the side, I noticed something written in pen on the edge of the toilet paper.

I wonder what it is.

As I nervously pulled out the paper, I found a message from her written on it.

The message spanned several lines.

I pulled out all the paper and read it as if savoring every word.


From Mami

You betrayed me. That is the fact

But I think I will just reset it all

The treasured every day I spent with you.

I realized that it is important to me.

To break everything apart.

It's something unforgivable, isn't it?

Your affair,

I will forget it all. That girl and

The relationship with you, I’m putting it all behind

We were both in pain, me and

You were suffering enough, I will put you at ease

Let's end it all here. Together.

To Takashi


Tears started to overflow from my eyes. I can sense that Mami is waiting outside the door right now.

I should go out quickly and hug her.

Explanation (If you want to challenge yourself, think about your answer before reading this!)

Once you grasp the key point of this story, it's easy to understand.

Surprisingly, the point was to read it in reverse! If you read from the bottom to the top, it takes on a different meaning.

In the story "Best Friend", can "I" make it back alive?

As for "Change of Heart", which way is the storyteller ultimately taken?

In the "Message from Girlfriend", originally it's toilet paper, so you should read it in the order it appears line by line. If you pull it all out, the order will be reversed.

The hint is usually to read in the order of "to ○○" ~ "from □□".

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