Horror & Mystery Series: Scary stories when you understand the meanings Part 2【Japanese horror】

  • Sept 5, 2023
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Japanese horror Horror & Mystery Series: Scary stories when you understand the meanings Part 2

The "Scary stories when you understand the meaning" (意味怖 / Imi-kowa) that is popular among Horror & Mystery Series is back! This time, to let you have fun guessing the answer yourself, I put the correct answer at the end of the article so you can't see the answer right away.

This time, I will introduce four Imi-kowa. First, read the four stories, think about your own answers, and then try to find the answers of your own! Also, don't forget to share your own unique answers in the comments!

The wish

Japanese horror The wish

A shooting star landed by the girl.

"I'll grant you one wish"
said the star.

The girl was crying.
"Please erase my family from existence,
I don't want that kind of family anymore.

The next day the girl woke up
she went downstairs
She saw her mother, father and brother as usual.

The girl regretted.

That night, the star appeared in front of the girl again.
"Do you like it?"

The girl said
"Please undo yesterday's request."

The star said
"Once a wish has been granted, it cannot be undone."

the girl cried.

Property with History

Japanese horror Property with history

I left my parent's house and started living alone in Tokyo.

The room I rented was a small room of size about 6 tatami mats,
It was an apartment that had been around for a long time,
I decided to live there because it seems to be a property with history of people passing away in the rooms and the rent is very cheap.

About two weeks after taking the first step towards living alone, the chime at the front door suddenly rang.
A weakly-looking man in his fifties stood at the entrance and began to say,
"I live downstairs,
Frankly, I am not angry,
But I can't help minding the sound of your footsteps.
Could you please be a little more careful?

However, there was something incomprehensible about the story.
I wasn't home as I went on a trip on the date the man told me.

I'm sure I'm misunderstanding something, but it's troublesome.
I ended up just apologizing him properly.
A week later he came again.

The man looks like he's holding a paper bag
He opened the door and handed it to me,
He said, "Use it."

When I look inside the bag, it was an expensive soundproof mat looks like it is used in hotels

"Is it the right size?
I live in the room right beneath yours, so the floor plan should be the same.

I felt it was a little creepy, but I got some pretty good stuff.
I guess I can say I was lucky.

I got various soundproof sheets from him in the similar manner.
Now that the room has became a soundproof environment where almost no sound leaks
I even bought a guitar to try my hand at musical instruments.
I also found a new hobby.

I wonder what he'll bring next.


Japanese horror Thicket

There is a thicket in the town where I live
There have been some strange rumors lately.

Apparently in the middle of the night
There are appearances of woman's spirit.

I'm 31 years old this year
I don't think there have ever been rumors of ghosts in this town before.
That's why I felt bad when I heard this rumor.

However, since long ago I am a restless type.
Hearing such rumors,
It makes me want to see with my own eyes whether it's true or not.
Today at 2 o'clock in the morning, I will go to the thicket
I decided to find out if ghosts really existed.

2:15 am.
Finally I reached the thicket.
No such psychic phenomenon occurred.
I thought it was just a bluff
I was relieved

But after a while
I saw the shadow of a woman in the depths of the forest.

When I timidly turn the light of the flashlight
There was a woman in a suit.
At that moment, the woman turned her back to me.

The woman didn't have the back part of her head.

She seemed to be saying something
"Give me back my brain"
Or so to me in a thin voice.

I was trembling with fear, but I also thought to myself,

"Hmm, there is no need to panic..."

The Mirror of Truth

Japanese horror The Mirror of Truth

A doctor is showing patient a mirror.

Taro: Is this a mirror that reflects the truth? There's no way my true self is that ugly old lady.

Miki: That's not a funny joke at all. Who is this? My future self? Isn't it Just a complete stranger?

Shota: But I'm a boy. Am i a girl? I don't know anymore.

Umeko: Myself when I was young? Well, I was a little more beautiful though.

Hanako: What is this? It's just a normal mirror, right? Which part of the mirror that actually reflects the truth? It's so stupid.

Doctor: Alright, let's go with Hanako.

Takeshi: I'll kill you!

Correct Answer (If you want to challenge yourself, think of your own answer before reading!)

The Wish

The girl used to think that this family might not be her real family. She knew that her current family was a fake family because everyone was still there after her wish was granted. Then, the real family probably has already disappeared from this world as per her wish...

Property with History

The resident in the room below is a murderer and has killed the resident of the room above him in the past. Last time he had a hard time because the sound leaked out, so this time he prepared in advance by making a false complaint to create a soundproof environment.

The Thicket

The narrator recently murdered a woman and buried her in the thicket. He was worried that if the ghost of his victim appeared after hearing rumors, people would find out, so he went to check it out. He is relieved that there's nothing wrong with the buried corpse, and the ghost that appeared is totally a different person, so he doesn't think he need to panic anymore.

The Mirror of Truth

The patient has a dissociative identity disorder, and it is a scene where the doctor tries to find out who is the main personality. Hanako personality has a normal reaction, so the doctor concludes, "Let's go with Hanako," but Takeshi personality seems to be dissatisfied with that...


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