“Tokyo Revengers”, the world-famous TV anime, is collaborating with FUN! JAPAN! Don't miss out on limited items available only at our shop!

©Ken Wakui, KODANSHA / Tokyo Revengers Anime Production Committee.

A passionate yet heart-breaking anime about a young man who sets out to save someone he loves from a "fate of death", has been a recent hot topic in Japan.

The title of the anime is “Tokyo Revengers”. This TV anime is based on the popular Japanese manga “Tokyo卍Revengers (Tokyo Manji Revengers)” which was serialised in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2017 to 2022, selling over 70 million copies. The series began broadcasting as a TV anime in 2021, and was even made into a live-action movie as well as stage performances, rapidly becoming the latest social phenomenon in Japan. Its sequel, “Holy Night Decisive Battle Arc”, has started broadcasting from January 2023, and is now steadily expanding its fans overseas.

Here comes a good news for all fans of “Tokyo Revengers” and Japan! FUN! JAPAN is now collaborating with the TV anime "Tokyo Revengers", and will be releasing an original "Special Box" only available at FUN! JAPAN SELECT SHOP!

What is “Tokyo Revengers”, the Japanese TV anime?

©Ken Wakui, KODANSHA / Tokyo Revengers Anime Production Committee.

Takemichi Hanagaki, a part-timer who is hitting rock bottom of his life, learns that Hinata Tachibana, the only girlfriend he had in life during junior high school, has been murdered by the Tokyo Manjikai, the worst of the worst gang in Japan.

The day after learning about the incident, Takemichi was on a station platform when he was pushed on his back by someone and fell onto the railway tracks. He was prepared to die, but when he opened his eyes, found himself somehow being transported back in time to 12 years ago.

Having time-travelled back to his junior high school days 12 years ago, when his life was at its peak, he then begins his life's revenge to save his girlfriend and change himself who kept running away from challenges!

The anime depicts the bonds between people. In his attempts to redo the past and change the future over and over again, Takemichi sometimes takes actions that seem reckless. He challenges villains whom he knows he can never beat, yet he never gives up even when he is overwhelmed by their powers. Takemichi's unsophisticated way of life gradually changes the hearts of those around him, forming bonds between each other.

With such “bonds” as the main concept, FUN! JAPAN is now teaming up with the TV anime "Tokyo Revengers"! We will be selling original products that collaborate with this popular Japanese anime exclusively to our members.

Original collaborate products with the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers”!

FUN! JAPAN SELECTSHOP will be selling a “Special Box” of limited edition items created especially for this collaboration project. The special box contains two drinking glasses, two bottles of fruit drink and two “mame-zara (small plates)”, together with a message card. Each item is meticulously crafted and of course, the designs are all themed on “Tokyo Revengers”. 

There is a total of four variations of the design on the drinking glasses – “Manjiro Sano x Ken Ryuguji”, “Takemichi Hanagaki x Hinata Tachibana”, “Keisuke Baji x “Chifuyu Matsuno” and “Takashi Mitsuya” x “Hakkai Shiba” - with each character's illustration and theme colours reflected on the item. Fans of the series who have a “fave” are sure to drool over these items!


“Tokyo Revengers” collaboration products are MADE IN JAPAN and are of high quality!

It's not just about collaborating with a popular anime - the box is full of high-quality items made in Japan!

Pair of glasses to enjoy the changes of the four seasons

First, check out the colour-changing pair of drinking glasses that showcase the four seasons of Japan, produced by Marumo Takagi Toki in Tajimi, Gifu prefecture. The long-established pottery company founded in 1887 produces innovative potteries while preserving the tradition of Japanese pottery, “Minoyaki”.


The drinking glasses are decorated with designs of characters from “Tokyo Revengers”. On each glass, two characters with strong ties are paired, such as “Manjiro Sano x Ken Ryuguji” and “Takemichi Hanagaki x Hinata Tachibana”. Another gimmick that reflects the Japanese craftsmanship is how the trees and fireworks in the background of each character are coloured due to changes in temperature when liquid is poured into the glass. No doubt these glasses will make you enjoy the changes of the four seasons! 

For the record, Keisuke Baji’s character was newly drawn especially for this glass design. If you're a fan of Baji, you'll definitely want to get your hands on this gem.

東京リベンジャーズ ペアグラス

Premium fruit drinks reflect the image of each character

The “Special Box” also contains two bottles of “Japanese Premium Fruit Drink” produced by Asama Farm in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. 

Asama Farm produces drinks and jams using locally-grown fruits, and has supplied products to events for VIP customers of top French brands, which is a ringing endorsement! Each fruit used in the drink is inspired by the theme colour of each character. For example, Takemichi’s light green colour theme is expressed with Shine Muscat, while Hinata’s white colour theme is expressed with peach/apple.

The labels and boxes also depict each character wearing gang member’s trench coat, which will surely make fans excited. Enjoy the taste of the fruit drink as if you are toasting your favourite character!

東京リベンジャーズ 特製ジュース

“Mame-zara (small plates)” to enjoy with drinking glasses

Don’t forget to also check out the two “mame-zara (small plates)” made by Marumo Takagi Toki which you can use together with the drinking glasses. Two characters that form the motif of the box are showcased on each plate.

東京リベンジャーズ 豆皿

東京リベンジャーズ 豆皿

The TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” is a world-famous entertainment work from Japan. Get your hands on its limited products to enjoy the world of the anime even more!

■Product details

Special Box (total of 4 items)

■Box Contents

1 pair of glasses, 2 bottles of premium fruit drink, 2 “mame-zara (small plates)”, 1 custom-made box, 1 message card

Sales method: online sales / build-to-order
Price: 25,000 yen (shipping included)

〈Glass specifications

  • Material: Glass
  • Size: Approx. φ62mm (top) x H103mm (φ80mm (diameter))
  • Capacity: 325cc

〈Fruit drink specifications〉

  • Bottle material: Glass

  • Capacity: 720ml
  • Height: approx. 30 cm

〈“Mame-zara (small plate)” specifications〉

  • Material: Porcelain

  • Size: 90 x H6 mm


*This service is only available to people living in Singapore

©Ken Wakui, KODANSHA / Tokyo Revengers Anime Production Committee.