Kenchinjiru (Japanese Vegetable Soup): A Popular Alternative to Miso Soup

Kenchinjiru or Kenchin Soup is one of the Japanese vegetarian dishes (*1) and is a clear soup made mainly from root vegetables. The main ingredients are daikon radish, carrots, burdock root, taro (satoimo), konjac, and tofu. Since it is a vegetarian dish, animal products such as meat and fish are not used in this cuisine, although some recent arrangements have been made by adding meat. In this article, we will show you how to make an arranged version of Kenchijru.

(*1)Shojin ryori (vegetarian food) is a cuisine that is prepared in accordance with Buddhist precepts, with the main aim of avoiding the killing of animals and the stimulation triggered off by worldly desires.

Ingredients of Kenchinjiru for 4 People

Ingredients of Kenchinjiru for 4 People
  • 80g Chicken Breast
  • 100g Daikon radish
  • 100g Taro (Satoimo)
  • 30g Fried tofu
  • 30g Carrot
  • 100g Konjac
  • 30g Burdock Root (Gobo)
  • 600ml Water & as needed (for soaking)
  • 30g Shimeji mushroom
  • 3g Dashi stock

(Sauce A)

  • 3 tbsp of Soy sauce
  • 3 tbsp of Mirin
  • 1 tbsp of Sesame oil


  • 10 cm Japanese Leek



  1. Peel the burdock root, daikon radish, carrot, and Taro (Satoimo). Pour boiling water over fried tofu to wash away the oil on its surface. Boil konjac for about 10 seconds to remove the scum.
  2. Cut the burdock into round slices, soak in water for 5 minutes, and drain it in a colander. Then cut the taro into round slices, and slice the daikon radish and carrot into 5mm-thick chunks.
  3. Cut off the stones from the shimeji mushrooms and break them into pieces.
  4. Cut fried tofu in half horizontally and slice it into 1cm-thick pieces.
  5. Cut konjac into bite-sized pieces with a spoon.
  6. Put sesame oil into a pan then add chicken. Fry them with burdock root, radish, carrot, taro, konjac, and shimeji mushrooms.
  7. Add 600 ml of water. Remove the scum, if any, once the water boils.
  8. Toss in dashi stock, soy sauce, and mirin accordingly.
  9. When the water boils and all ingredients are cooked, now you’re ready to serve it up. You may also sprinkle green onions over of your choice. Enjoy!