When traveling through Japan, we're sure there's a lot of people who maybe visit a friend's house, a sharehouse, or maybe even an Airbnb? When doing so, you've probably seen a remote control similar to the one shown in the picture above! "What is this for? What do all these buttons do...?" Sound familiar? This is actually the remote control for the LED lights in the room.

It's expected of Japan that we need this many buttons to simply turn a light on and off! But once you know what everything is for, it's actually all very useful. Let's take a look into these remote controls and how you can use them in the future.

Become an LED Light Master! The Remote Control's Many Buttons & Functions

Japan is filled with a bunch of different electrical products, and many have special features and functions that differ from each other, however, the typical functions and such are usually the same. Let's take a look at the buttons most remote controls will have.

  • スリープタイマー 60分/30分 (Sleep Timer 60 min / 30 min): This function allows you to set the light to turn off after 60 or 30 minutes. It's used when you're going to sleep or you're going to be out of the house.
  • お好み (Okonomi): This button allows you to change the light's brightness to your preferred and saved level of brightness.
  • 全灯 (Full Brightness): This turns the LED light one as well as sets it to the brightest setting it can go to if the light is already on.
  • 常夜灯 (Nightlight): This is used when you're going to sleep. Most LED lights use an orange LED for this, and is perfect for people who hate a pitch-black room.
  • 明 (Brighten): Adjusts the brightness of the LED light. Allows the user to change the light from a dimmer setting into a brighter one.
  • 暗 (Darken): Adjusts the brightness of the LED light. Allows the user to change the light from a brighter setting into a dimmer one.
  • 消灯 (OFF): Turns the LED light off completely.

Some can Even Change the Color of the Lights?!

While it's normal for people to choose the style of LED light they want when purchasing the bulb such as a white light or warmer orange light, some of the LED lights even have multiple color functions! For example, in the above picture, you're able to switch between the 2 styles of light... it's almost like magic.

There may be even more functions depending on the manufacturer your LED light is made by, so make sure to play around a little and get to know what you have available to you.

We have many more articles outlining the use of Japan's many devices, so make sure to check them out if you're interested!

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