【Rannyu Sensei's Column】This is THE Japanese Food!! It's Normal Food, But It's Actually Not Normal! Gourmet Too Ordinary to Notice Vol.3: Yaki Onigiri

Meet Rannyu Sensei; a man who is very picky about how to grill meats!

Have you ever eaten 'yaki onigiri' AKA grilled rice balls?
It's one of my top 10 favorite foods!
The rice balls themselves have many types available at a convenience store, so many of you may have eaten them. It's really delicious, isn't it? I also love rice balls, and I love cooking 541ml of rice, turning it into rice balls, and eating them all at once.

This time, we will take a closer look at the charm of 'yaki onigiri' AKA grilled rice ball, which is a different type of rice ball.

How to Make Grilled Rice Balls

If you eat rice normally, then there is no hassle, and the steps are:

① Cook Rice

How to Make Grilled Rice Balls

② Make Rice Balls

How to Make Grilled Rice Balls

③ Grill Rice Balls

How to Make Grilled Rice Balls

Turned out that is a lot of effort required.
But it's delicious because of the effort you pour into it!!!!

I've been to several countries abroad, but there is probably no grilled rice balls in any of them.
But if you found them anywhere, please let me know!!

anyhow, it's not just about grilling the rice.

The Infinite Deliciousness

The Infinite Deliciousness

Even within the grilled rice balls, there are different types of them too, and they play an infinite variety of deliciousness.

  • Miso flavor
  • Sugar soy sauce flavor
  • Katsuobushi soy sauce flavor
  • With sesame seeds
  • With shiso leaves
  • Sprinkle with nori seaweed
  • Mixed between any of above

Just writing about it made me drool already!!!

I just like it too much I use more photos than usual!!

Mainly when you go to an izakaya, you can find it on the menu, and you can also buy it at convenience stores.

The Infinite Deliciousness

Anyway, this is a dish I want everyone to have!!!!!

It's so delicious I'm wondering why it doesn't get a close-up yet, but I think it's THE Japanese gourmet!

The special editions about gourmet that you may not notice will continue, so please look forward to it!

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