【Rannyu Sensei's Column】Low carbs country, Japan! Weight-lose country, Japan! Burn all the fat!!! Let's look great!! Get muscular!!! Lawson's Sweets Edition

Meet Rannyu Sensei; a diet master who recently lost weight going from 100Kg to 75Kg.

Diet has become a fad worldwide, but it doesn't matter if the person's weight is heavy or light.
Health is important anyway.
Still, I think there are various methods depending on the purpose, such as wanting to make your legs thinner or thickening your chest muscles, but the important thing is "diet + exercise".

Then, what should I do? You may ask.

If you regularly exercise, It's okay. But if you're busy or live in a world like this, it's quite difficult to get into the habit of exercising.

【Rannyu Sensei's Column】Low carbs country, Japan! Weight-lose country, Japan! Burn all the fat!!! Let's look great!! Get muscular!!!

Especially if you don't like exercising just like me, you can go to the more comfortable habit; drink as much as you want to drink, eat as much as you want to eat, hang out at home, watch Netflix, order from UberEATS, and get pizza delivery for a meal and don't move at all. Eventually, you will get fat and you will sink into your sofa for sure.

Then, I got "very poor" at my health checkup results and started to deal with my diet.

Many companies are making various efforts to improve consumers' health, such as reducing sugar, reducing fat, and reducing the amount of calories to 0 Kcal.

Food products with reduced sugar "Locabo foods"

What is Locabo? If you look at locabo.net,

It's not "Low-Carb" but rather "Locabo".

It is recommend that you take the right amount of sugar in a delicious and enjoyable way, rather than go extreme and completely remove sugar out of your system.

What is "the proper sugar that Locabo advocates"?

The Food, Medicine, and Health Association advocates the proper amount of sugar to be ingested in one meal, which is between 20 to 40 g. Low-carb is a concept that includes extreme sugar restrictions, so they decided to call it "locabo" to distinguish it from the appropriate sugar recommended by the Food, Medicine, and Health Association. By the way, in the current general Japanese diet, we consume about 300g of sugar a day. Two rice balls and vegetable juice alone is about 100g.

There are various products depending on the convenience store and manufacturer, so when you come to Japan, you may be able to have a healthy and enjoyable time if you choose and buy them carefully.

Now! I would like to introduce various types, but this time I will introduce the sweets that everyone loves in the Japanese convenience store Lawson's Locabo series.

Even though it's Locabo food, it has a wide range of sweets, so you don't have to worry about skipping sweets for diet!

Sugar-Care Petite Eclair 3pc (糖質を考えたプチエクレア)

Sugar-Care Petite Eclair 3pc

With 3 pieces, the sugar per piece is only 2.8g!!!!!

The sugar for a large version weighs only 9.3g each!!!

The amount of sugar for 1 bowl of rice is about 60g, so I ate 6 large eclairs.

Sugar-Care Creampuff (糖質を考えたシュークリーム)

Sugar-Care Creampuff

This is also big, but the amount of sugar is only 8.5g. I'm so happy, so happy that I may even cry.

Now you can have an elegant tea time!

When you come to Japan, be sure to drop by the FUN! JAPAN office.

We can enjoy tea time together!!!

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