【Rannyu Sensei's Column】If you happen to fall in love with a Japanese Person: Happy Edition

【Rannyu Sensei's Column】If you happened to fall in love with a Japanese: Happiness Edition

Meet Rannyu Sensei; a romance master who has repeatedly met and broke up with as many as 10,000 women.
On behalf of Japanese men, I would like to convey the special characteristics of Japanese men in general.

I will be introducing a lot of good things about Japanese men because this article is the happy edition!

Usually, Japanese people as a whole are seen as follows:
"Only Japanese women are attractive overseas. Japanese men are not attractive at all."

That's completely false!
In my own research, I found many good traits of Japanese men.
Here are some well-known ones!

Oh, this is just the worst...
It seems that most of the opinions are that Japanese men are "not attractive overseas at all" or "they are useless".

Idols, actors, and athletes are different stories though...

But anyhow!
I will say it again! I can assure you this is not the case!!

Here are some representative traits!



They are not intimidating, very kind, and neither picky nor nosy.

They may be just perfect for women who like to approach men first.

I'm a shy one myself and can't really get a good conversation going with women, so I often rely on alcohol.
And I am often told that "you are so kind"!
But whether the romance will bud or not, that is another story...

Express with attitude rather than words

Express with actions rather than words

It is very difficult for Japanese men to simply say "I love you" or "you're beautiful today", even if they really think so in their head.
It is also difficult to point out bad things such as "that's wrong" or "this part is not good", too.

I want you to please try to understand what we want to express from our facial expressions, attitude, and behavior.

Japanese men are not ninjas and they don't have supernatural powers, so I don't think it's something you would understand right off, but when you learn to read their attitude and mindset and find the correct answer, it may get very interesting for you!

With Japanese men, every day is like a quiz!

Economic powerhouse (or thought to be so)

Economic powerhouse (or thought to be so)

People often think that Japanese men are rich.
However, the image that Japan is a wealthy country may just be an old story now.

I myself used to have no money at all, so I spent my time every day only with cigarettes and coffee and utterly destroyed my health.

Money is important, so you can usually tell whether he has money or not when you go on a date with a Japanese man.

Workaholic human

Workaholic human

Japanese men often have an image of working very hard.
In reality, it seems that so many people are very serious about their work and devote their loyalty to the company.

It seems that things have changed a lot recently though.

However, it may be just the old image of a Japanese man and not the current one.

I am quite sure that there are still more good traits of Japanese men, but I think I just hit my limit...

See you next time in the Hellish Edition!

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