【Rannyu Sensei's Column】If you happen to fall in love with a Japanese Person: Hellish Edition

Meet Rannyu Sensei; a romance master who has repeatedly met and broke up with as many as 10,000 women.
On behalf of Japanese men, following the happy edition, I will be introducing a lot of bad things about Japanese men, as this time around, this is the hellish edition!

Usually, Japanese people as a whole are seen as follows:
"Only Japanese women are attractive overseas. Japanese men are not attractive at all."
Unfortunately, this might just be true.

I myself am very attractive when only talking about Japan, but I have never been attractive overseas, not even once.
I have only had a few relationships with people from overseas.

It seems that most of the opinions are that Japanese men are "not attractive overseas at all" or "they are useless".
I think that they are influenced by various things such as culture, history, and environment.

I don't really want to introduce them because there are too many and it will be a negative campaign, but if you know the bad traits of Japanese men in advance, you can prepare your mind in advance and go further down the road of love!!

Very hard to understand

Japanese men don't say anything conclusive in a clear manner, so you may not understand what they are trying to convey.
Although this trait is common for Japanese people regardless of gender, it seems that this tendency is especially strong for men.

Also, compliments, cautions, replies, and instructions may all sound very ambiguous to the ears of foreigners.

Despite if he really loves you, when it comes to a condition such as "I am being this kind to you, isn't it obvious enough for you to understand it without having me say it out loud?", you may not be satisfied or may feel insecure because it is difficult for a Japanese man to express affection.

However, most of the time things are okay. Maybe it is better to not worry about such things too much.

Don't make facial expressions about their dislikes

Japanese men tend not to say things they don't like out loud.
Not just through words though, they don't even express such feelings on their face.

Even if they don't like it, they may just smile through it.

Even if you think everything is fine because you see his smile, it's not uncommon for a Japanese man to suddenly ghost you.

Drinking parties are very important!

Whether it's strangers, friends, lovers, or business associates, when talking about a common event, they always think of a drinking party.

Although its occurrence has been decreasing recently, it comes with a troublesome system in which the attractiveness of the person is decided by their charisma, such as interesting stories or dirty jokes.

It's okay if you enjoy drinking, but please be careful as many people have bad drunken personalities and might cause trouble.

Very noisy about the looks

It seems that many Japanese men still judge a person by face and body shape.
It's a very common conversation for Japanese men to talk about which girl is beautiful, cute, and looks like which celebrities.
There are so many conversations that take place about if long or shorter hair is better.

Oh, by the way, I like women with long hair!

There are still more traits left, but if I write any more, Japanese men will really be hated in the eyes of the whole world, so I will end it with just these...

Anyhow, I think there are still many kind Japanese men around. (that feels a bit forced...)

I myself am one of them! That is what I wanted to say, but why don't you try falling in love with a Japanese man despite having so few good traits?

It might feel like going to a haunted house or ghost hunting, who knows.

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