Recently, staying at home has become the norm. But Just what IS everyone doing to pass the time? In this article, we are going to be asking some members of our editorial team about their top 5 activities to do in the comfort of their own home. Even if we can't go out, let's use our time wisely and enjoy ourselves!

#1 - The Top Spot Goes to Watching Videos about the Latest Trends & Japan Travel Spots on the FUN! JAPAN TV YouTube Channel

The FUN! JAPAN editorial team is editing and creating videos on the daily to upload and share with you all who cannot currently visit Japan yourselves. Of course, even though we live in Japan, we are doing our part and refraining for going on trips, so we also enjoy watching the videos on the FUN! JAPAN TV YouTube channel to find the latest trends and travel spots. We get excited just watching them! It's fine to watch them just for fun, but you could also use them as references for your next trip to Japan, check them out by searching for the FUN! JAPAN TV YouTube channel!

#2 - Goes to Studying Foreign Languages such as Japanese or English

Over half of the staff in the Tokyo-based FUN! JAPAN offices are foreigners! The language we all speak is of course, Japanese, however, there are Japanese staff that are also studying other languages such as English, Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese and many more. Our staff love helping each other learn and remember words and phrases from these languages, and before you know it your language skills have increased tenfold! Studying like this allows you to appreciate the more delicate parts of Japanese and other languages. How about starting learning Japanese yourself? It might just give you a new perspective on the world!

#3 - Online Shopping

Since your time within your home is increasing, it seems as though a lot of people from the FUN! JAPAN editorial team have started online shopping to make their time a little easier, buying things such as furniture, interior items, miscellaneous goods among many more. Other popular items we've heard a lot about include things to do with family or friends, toys, and souvenirs from different places around Japan!

Right now, it's impossible to visit Japan directly, but if you're thinking "I want to buy Japanese products" or "I want to buy limited-time or brand new Japanese products", or maybe even "I miss Japanese souvenirs, if only I could buy them", then EC sites are your savior! We are planning to introduce some amazing Japanese products that can be bought and shipped abroad on our website and Facebook page in the future, so keep an eye out!

#4 - Watching Videos & Listening to Music

For people who enjoy Japanese drama, anime, films, or music, the FUN! JAPAN editorial team highly recommends AMAZON JP's "Amazon Prime" service! Through becoming a prime member, you can get a 30-day free trial! If you cancel your contract before the 30 days is up, you won't be charged a penny. You should definitely try it out.

#5 - Self Reflection & Meditation

According to our staff members, the methods you can use are endless. For example, some of our members use videos from a yoga instructor who is uploading them online to keep their body moving and active during their time indoors. Even if you're busy, it usually only takes around 15 minutes to complete, and it helps keep you healthy and happy every day. There are also things such as beauty-based goods to increase your aesthetic sense, or increase your career skills, in times like this, it's perfect to think about where you want your future to be in life.

If you're looking to learn more about yourself, how about taking some of our fortune telling? You may even find something you never knew about yourself.

Extra: Try Making More Elaborate Dishes

Thanks to not having to commute, you should have a little more time to spend on cooking. You could spend some time cooking in the morning so that in the evening all you need to do is cook the meal through. If you like cooking for yourself, check out some of our recipe video articles! Let's get better at cooking together.

How did you find this article? Have you found something you would like to try from the recommendations of our editorial team?

We would love to hear your ways of spending your time at home, let us know in the comments section!