Personality of Geminis and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

Are you two-faced? But still likable? What is the background of Geminis, born between May 21st and June 20th, and what unique traits do they have? Let's also check out how compatible they are with other astrological signs! 

The Background of Gemini (Horoscopes)

Personality of Geminis and Their Compatibility with Other Signs

Gemini were the sons of Zeus. One was a human and the other was an immortal god. When the older brother Castor fell in battle, the younger brother Pollux grieved and made a wish to Zeus and the two became a constellation. As a constellation, the brothers are now able to stay together forever.

Characteristics of Geminis

Characteristics of Geminis

Sociable and quick-minded, but often seen as a sketchy or disloyal.

Two Conflicting Ideas

Aggressive yet reluctant, active but still, reasonable and emotional. Gemini's have many sides to them and may be conflicted at times. Most people find them to be nice with a bright personality. They are also flexible, convincing and persuasive, and can be called a strategian. Gemini have strong intellectual curiosity and are enthusiastic about acquiring knowledge and information, but are also indecisive sometimes.

Gemini are talented and able to multitask, allowing them to be social in any occasion.

Fast to Start But Tough to Maintain

Gemini are quick to begin something, but then they lose focus and try to cheat their way out. Gemini love to be invited by people and often accept light-heartedly, usually regretting it later. Even things they start casually and keep up for a bit, once they find it boring, it doesn't last.

Often Mistaken As a Cheater

Due to their open relationships and impartial affection, they cater to everyone but lack patience. They don't have bad intentions but they end up seeming dishonest and ungrateful. They are also not suited for long term work.

Compatibility of Geminis with Other Signs

Compatibility of Geminis with Other Signs

Geminis belong to the air group, and are compatible with constellations from the fire group below.

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