This article introduces cake that is secretly known by most Japanese people. A cake that even small children can make without issues! Through simply using some Marie biscuits soaked in milk with some fresh cream, you can make an amazingly moist and soft sponge cake.

Ingredients For 2 Cakes

・Marie Biscuit x10

・Fresh cream 200ml

・Milk 100cc


1. Lay out a cooking sheet.

2.After soaking both sides of the biscuit in milk, put them in the center of the cooking sheet.

3.Spread the fresh cream onto the top of the biscuits. Do this 5 times.

4.After 5 layers of biscuits have been stacked, spread fresh cream onto the outer layers as well. *Spinning the cooking sheet around whilst doing this makes it a lot easier.

5.Let the cake rest for around 5 hours in the refrigerator. 

6.Take the cake from the cooking sheet and carefully serve it on a plate.

This time we used a simple whipped cream, but if you would like to make a chocolate cake, you can mix the fresh cream with chocolate syrup.

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