What to Wear Under a Kimono

What to Wear Under a Kimono

When wearing a kimono or yukata, is it better to have special underwear? What is the difference between Japanese underwear and what I normally wear? We will be answering questions like these for you in this article.

No Bra, No Underwear!!??

The Japanese people didn't wear bras or underwear in the past. They wore Hadajyuban  (肌襦袢) and Susoyoke (裾よけ) just to hide their skin and body shape. Nowadays, many people hesitate to obey the so-called "No Bra, No Underwear" rule, they normally wear ordinary bras and underwear.

What is Hadajuban?

This is Japanese-style underwear for the upper body that is worn directly on bare skin. It is usually made of hemp or cotton, which has excellent sweat absorbency.

What is Susoyoke?

This is Japanese-style underwear for the lower body. Since it is used together with the hadajuban, it is often also made of hemp or cotton.

One-piece Type Hadagi

One-piece type, Hadagi (肌着), is a combination of the hadajuban and susoyoke. The specifications are similar to Western clothing, and it is the norm for people who are not familiar with kimono.

 Why Avoid Body-line Highlights?

Why Avoid Body-line Highlights?

Even if you usually wear a bra or girdle, you really should not do so when wearing kimono. There are three main reasons for this.

The Clothes Will Lose Their Shape

The presence of a bra does not allow you to shape up the collar of your kimono, and the volume of your bust will eventually open the collar wider.

Cylindrical is Best!

The body style that does not emphasize the body's curves is the most beautiful figure in the kimono. Therefore, bras and girdles that accentuate the bust and create a waist are not suitable for the kimono.

Painful Bra Wires

With a kimono, a chest strap is tied in the underbust position. It's just on the wire of the bra, so it hurts when this digs into your skin.

What Kind of Bra and Underwear are OK?

What Kind of Bra and Underwear are OK?

Nevertheless, if you do want to wear a bra or underwear, please pay attention to the following. If you can sit down and bow without being physically uncomfortable, and the underwear line is not visible, then it is OK.

What Kind of Bra is Recommended?

A kimono bra is ideal, but if not, a sports bra or non-wire bra is recommended. If you don't have it, keep in mind the following and choose from what you have.

Points to consider when choosing a bra:

  1. Something that flattens your bust (volume up bras are strictly a no-no)
  2. One that cannot be seen from the collar of furisode
  3. Items without frills or lace
  4. Light color

What Kind of Panties are Recommended?

Similarly, for panties, it is necessary to ensure that the panty line cannot be seen when wearing a kimono. Seamless, back lace, and T-back are recommended. This is also true for men.


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