Due to the coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout the world, we're sure you're all working remotely, staying indoors, and overall just having a lot more time inside your homes. Due to not being able to go outside freely, there are a lot of people who are feeling quite stressed.

The Japanese company "Cyber Owl" who manage various different media that introduces products to the Japanese general public performed a survey with over 1,000 Japanese men and women with regards to the effect of the coronavirus on their day-to-day lifestyles. Furthermore, they asked about topics such as how people were spending their time at home, and what type of items these people were using to help make this time less stressful. Let's take a look at the results separated by gender.

Over 50% of people are feeling stressed due to having to stay indoors

Looking at the results of the survey, 56% of people said that they were "Feeling stress due to the lockdown" when asked about the requirement to stay indoors. The reason being that they were not able to go outside freely due to the current situation.


Taking a look at the breakdown between men and women, we can see that women are feeling slightly more stressed, showing a result of almost 59% compared to the men's 53%.

When asked about the reasoning behind this, a lot of people said things such as "Not being able to go outside makes it hard to have a change of scenery, it also feels like we're not getting enough exercise" (30-39 years of age, male), as well as "It's hard not having anywhere to take the kids" (40-49 years of age, women).

Furthermore, reasons such as "Due to needing to stay indoors my working hours have decreased meaning my income is no longer sufficient" (20-29 years of age, women) and "I've lost my job at 2 different companies due to the virus" (20-29 years of age, male).

Top 5 Ways to Spend Your Time During the Pandemic!

The next thing which was asked in the survey was "During the lockdown, how are you spending your time on the weekends?" The top spot for women was watching television or videos online followed by cooking, net surfing, SNS, and games.

For men the top spot was the same as women with watching television or videos online followed by net surfing, gaming, SNS, and finally listening to music, showing that while similar, the way men and women spend their time during the lockdown is different.


5 items you need for your lockdown lifestyle!

The final thing which was asked during this survey was in regards to items purchased for the lockdown. The number 1 item for women was books, followed by comics, game software, weight training equipment and finally game devices.

For men the order of purchases in ranking were books, comics, game software, game devices, and finally weight training equipment. This showed that the things both men and women were buying were not fundamentally different although having slightly different rankings. It also showed that what was being purchased was not only goods for having fun at home, but also for health reasons shown with weight training equipment in both surveys.



Looking at the results of the survey, for Japanese people, both men and women, over 50% were feeling stressed due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Out of those, women felt slightly more stressed compared to men.

Also, with regards to how they were spending their time at home during the pandemic, the rankings of the things are slightly different, but both genders had "Watching television or videos online" as their number 1 spot.

Finally, after being asked about the items they are using during their lockdown lifestyle, some of the most popular answers included books, comics, game software, game devices, and weight training equipment.

How is your own country faring against this terrible pandemic? If you have any recommended things to do or items to purchase, please share them with us in the comments section!