In a time where everything is digitalizing, it seems like there is not much need for analog tasks like writing with your hand or sending a good old fashioned mail rather than an email (in fact, it seems like the term “mail” doesn’t mean postal services anymore).

However, many people around the world are starting to pick up calligraphy as their new hobby, which does not make much sense considering that there is not much use of it anywhere in the corporate world unless you are a designer who happened to work closely with some Asian client.

5 reasons that people are attracted to this ancient art form

1. It’s aesthetically pleasing

This one is pretty much a given. Seems like people are simply getting tired of all the mechanical “writings” that does not transmit anything but simple information. Sure, mechanical writings are very useful, and that’s why you are reading this article in front of your screen at the moment (unless you printed this article out, in which case, we highly appreciate your interest in our subject), but there seems to be something about handwritten texts that moves people. It is also a great piece of art to have in your living room, it adds a sense of sophistication and orientalism.

2. It is a great way to learn the Kanji characters

Even if your native language does not use Kanji characters, calligraphy is a great way to learn the language and its origins. Considering that most Asian languages have a strong link to the Chinese language, learning calligraphy gives you a better and deeper understanding of your own language as well. Due to the nature of the language, Kanji characters have a deep meaning within itself, just like the term “logos” in Greek.

3. It gives you new creative ideas

The correlation between one’s hand and brain is well documented. Thus, the act of writing with a brush activates a different part of your brain than typing or even writing with a pen. Providing your brain with a new experience like this would stimulate your brain to think in different ways and think out of the box, giving you creative ideas that had never occurred to you before.

4. Steve Jobs loved it

Here’s a great reason for businessmen. Steve Jobs is known for his love of calligraphy. It all started when he entered college but couldn’t find a reason to go to all the classes he was forced to enroll in. Jobs then decided to attend classes that interested him, and his favorite was calligraphy. He has stated that those calligraphy courses were the core of Apple’s refined design. The rest is history.

5. It’s simply fun

Think of art class in grade school. Weren’t you excited to grab a brush and draw whatever you wanted? Wasn’t it just fun to use a tool that you don’t usually use, and try out things that you’d never done before? Calligraphy, although it sounds like a classic traditional activity that requires a lot of dedication and rules, is essentially a free activity to simply have fun with a brush and ink. Let’s face it, we’re not learning it to write an official document, nor are we going to be a professional at it. We are simply doing it for recreational purposes, so how could it be boring?

So there’s your list, but who knows? You might find some other aspect of calligraphy even more important and engaging than these five. Grab a brush and enjoy this traditional art form.