How to Play Pachinko, an Exciting Game in Japan?

Pachinko is a game that has evolved uniquely in Japan. It uses a vertical platform with lots of nails inserted and some randomly placed holes. The purpose of the game is to flick balls from under the platform and add them into the holes. Since the first pachinko parlour in Japan about 90 years ago, it has gained popularity as a familiar entertainment.

What is Pachinko

How to Play Pachinko, an Exciting Game in Japan?

Pachinko is said to have originated from a wall machine (wall game) which originated in Europe. The wall machine is a game that has the same structure as a pachinko machine where balls have to be flicked into a hole. It is thought that the game developed independently in Japan and became Pachinko.

Even nowadays, the basic structure of pachinko remains unchanged. However, since the trajectory of the ball changes due to the complexly placed nail, it is difficult to put the ball in the target hole. Therefore, it is necessary to finely adjust the angle at which the ball is flicked. While it is a simple game, it requires a certain level of skill.

Keep an Eye Out for Pachinko Machines Character Designs

There are many pachinko machines that give a view of the world, and there are image characters that show this. In addition, collaborations with TV celebrities, comedians and anime are also common, and the designs are abundant.

In particular, collaborations with popular Japanese anime is thriving. There are machines with various anime and cartoon characters such as Ninja Hattori-kun and Tom and Jerry.

How to Play Pachinko

How to Play Pachinko, an Exciting Game in Japan?

The rules of how play pachinko is to choose a machine, borrow a ball, flick the ball into a hole, and increase the number of balls that come out of the machine. The balls that come out become hand-held balls and they can be flicked into the machine again.

In addition, if a ball enters a specific hole and the the patterns on the liquid crystal panel match, lots of balls will appear. With these extra balls, you can spend more time playing or exchange them for prizes.

Moreover, because the display is flashy, it is fun just to match the patterns.

Pachinko has been Designed to be Easy to Play for Foreigners.

Pachinko is designed in such a way to make it easy for foreign tourists to play. Some pachinko parlours have telephone interpreter services and multilingual guidebooks.

In addition, in-store multilingual announcement CDs have been made, and a variety of methods have been adopted so that everyone can play with peace of mind even if there are no staff who can understand foreign languages.

What are the Differences Between Pachinko and Pachislot 

The big difference between a pachinko machine and a Pachislot machine is whether or not there is a button to match the patterns. You can line up the reel designs yourself with the Pachislot. Of course, a certain amount of skill is necessary to line them up. The way to play is the same as pachinko, and the medals you earn can be exchanged for prizes.