We all need an interpreter sometimes? Do you know Pocketalk, which is the new trend among international travelers? This time,  the FUN! JAPAN Team's foreign members of staff who are fluent in Japanese, tried it out!

Make your trip smarter and more rewarding

One of the best things about traveling abroad is to enjoy communicating with local people and learning about the culture, habits, and food, which are unique to that place. However, good communication cannot be achieved simply through gestures and basic phrases: without a common language, we are often forced to give up without saying what we really want to. Many of us have probably already had that experience.

For instance, at a Japanese restaurant, you would love to try out the dish in the photo in the menu, but it would be tricky if you have to ask; “Can we have spoons and forks?”, ”Do you have a vegetarian menu?”, “Does this dish contain any meat?”, etc. So you end up opting for something easy that you didn't really want - many of us have experienced this before.
At such times, nice, you can get clear answers to all these questions if you have Pocketalk, a hand-size translation device. Then you can enjoy local cuisine the local way. It would certainly make for a different, more fulfilling travel experience.

For daily life and business in our own countries

Sometimes, we need to use another language simply because travelers approach us to ask for directions, or maybe we are in some international exchange activity, not to mention those situations where we need foreign languages for work. It would be much more accurate and easier to understand if we could communicate in our own mother tongue instead ofEnglish, the global language.

Pocketalk enables instant two-way translation of 74 languages using online AI technology. It has built-in mobile 3G/4G connectivity for data communication, compatible with 128 countries and regions, including Indonesia and Malaysia. All you have to do is speak into it for translation; no complicated settings are needed.

Here's a sample! (From the official Pocketalk website)

Japanese Original Text


English Translated Text

In the survey of September 2018, the cognizance of cheap SIM is over 90%, about half understand the contents, and the ratio of voice SIM and data SIM is 69.3% of voice and 30.7% of data.

An elegant, brand-new language learning style

Reading and writing a foreign language is no problem but the pronunciation is so difficult, or speaking the language is fine, but the characters are so complicated that writing and reading are practically impossible. Learning a new language can be very difficult, so sometimes self-learning does not really help. But Pocketalk can help here too. It is able to check whether our pronunciation is correct. 

For example, take the sentence “I am a vegetarian, so I do not eat meat.”. By repeating it and checking the pronunciation of the translation over and over, it is possible to master “comprehensible” language for communication.

 If you are interested, don't hesitate: buy it!

It is available in the electronics shops in Japan and online shopping sites in various countries.