Do you like trains in Japan? There are many trains with various characteristics such as in the form of speed, shape, function, service, as well as shinkansen type! Please take a look at these few types of trains in Japan!

Shinkansen Series 500: Shinkansen which looks like an aircraft

Shinkansen Series 500 is a Shinkansen that operated on Sanyo Shinkansen Line (between Shin-Osaka Station and Hakata Station).

It is characterized with front carriage looks like a jet fighter’s head, which makes the entire structure has an image like an aircraft. The total length of front carriage is 27 meters in length, with more than half of about 15 meters is the nose part, which is obviously different from the conventional Shinkansen.

In the consideration of reducing air resistance during high speed operation, the entire vehicle body of shinkansen are designed in round shape. Besides, the shape and atmosphere of the cabin is similar to the one in an aircraft as well.

"Hello Kitty Shinkansen" is a shinkansen with the collaboration of JR West Japan and "Hello Kitty" and is operated daily as a regular train "Kodama 730/741" between Shin-Osaka Station and Hakata Station since 30th June 2018.

Why don’t you take this "Hello Kitty Shinkansen" and go on a trip to West Japan?

"Doctor Yellow": Shinkansen’s Doctor

This vehicle which is called as Doctor Yellow, is officially named as "Shinkansen Electric Track Comprehensive Test Vehicle".

This shinkansen is used to check if there are any abnormalities on the track or overhead lines when traveling at a maximum speed of 270 km/hr. The reason for the yellow color appearance of Doctor Yellow is that the maintenance is often conducted during night and therefore a standing out color is better.

In addition, since the shape of shinkansen is just similar to other regular Shinkansen, therefore it is in yellow color in order to prevent passengers from wrongly getting on to this train. 

Doctor Yellow is operated on Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Line (Tokyo Station-Hakata Station). The inspection is conducted once in every 10 days. It will depart from Tokyo to Hakata on the first day, and returns from Hakata to Tokyo on the second day.

Doctor Yellow is a vehicle that we can hardly check the operation time and therefore it is difficult to be seen. However if you happen to see it at Tokyo Station or Hakata Station, you are very "lucky".

There are still many other cool Japan trains! In the coming article, we will introduce the rare things that can only be seen in Japan trains. Don't miss it!!

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