If You Like Anime, You Probably Know What Itasha Are

"Itasha" are vehicles that are decorated with stickers and coatings usually of manga, anime, or game characters.

Odaiba Itasha Tengoku 2019

On March of 2019 there was an event held that brought nearly 1000 itasha vehicles from all around the country to Odaiba. The venue was large and spacious, and although we spent several hours walking around at the event, it was impossible to check out every single one of these cars. The cars were separated into different areas: Trucks, Commercial booths, Personal Cars, Motorbikes, and Bicycle sections.  

The event venue had over 1000 cars gathered. 

Itasha can be Motorcycles or Bicycles Too!

Motorcycles that have been designed like itasha are known as "Ita-bikes."

And bicycles like these which also have itasha designs are called "Ita-chari." 

Would it be against your school's regulations to ride bikes like this to school? 
We saw some itasha at this event that were particularly impactful that drew in large crowds.

And also, we saw a car by a Hatsune Miku fan! Those plushies, even one alone is really cute, but when there are that many bunched up like this... it's unbearably moe (adorable)!

There were plenty of cars to get Love Live fans excited too! I wanna attend Otonokizaka High School with this car...

Itasha Tengoku (or Itasha Heaven) is an event where anime fans can walk until they can't walk any more while taking in the excitement of all these awesome cars!